Dear Friendly Guides,

Well last night was interesting in it’s own way. I have my hair dyed again :) I like it. It’s brighter then the last one mum said. Neat also put a colour in her hair a really one but underneath and it comes through the bottom and looks really nice.

I only have to wait 2 weeks and then I get the “metal disc” bbf. Well I should be busy with possibly seeing Elise in October then sydney in November and then workplacement as well. I know for a fact that I have to go to the thing it is an operning for me and if I miss it it will be devistating.

I had a dream about my house that I will have. It was beatuiful this was yesterday I just forgot to mention it. It was white and had this wonderful water feature on the wall in the bedroom it has plants everywhere and water I loved it. It was huger like a mansion but my house will be different in reality.

Some people from sanfransisco can be so rude sometimes but always great, bbf.

Well I wonder what type of things I will do in my life. I don’t understand properly now. I know that their is somethine waiting for me, but does everyone get that feeling? I don’t really know. I feel like I could do something great that would be really good. I know it’s in the creative direction but I don’t know what pointed at. But I will see when I am faced with the options of which direction I go too. Once I step into it I will not want to steo out and I am sure I shall make alot of friends on the way. BUT never forget the ones that mean alot to me now. You get that Elise!!!!!! YOu can come and work on a movie as well ok? We still have to make our movie :D bbf bbf.

I had a dream last night but I cannot really remember it. I am sure it will come back to me later that will be a bugger….

I added a new page in the little menu. It is a cast one. It just says the main people that I mention in this Diary and what they mean to me or who they are in some form. Well mum and neat will have fun in syd. That will be good for them. I can’t wait untill we are able to stay in the Quay grand suits hopefully that will be next year if everything goes well. That would be great!! Really it would. But not at the moment.

Maddy knocked the lamp over earlyer the mugrell. They are so naughty really they are. It is very cold at the moment I probably need to put more wood on the fire, yes I think I should.

I woke up at 6am and went to bed last night at 12am. So that is ok I suppose I was really tied. Neat went home at that time and has to work today not good not good at all. I’m glad I don’t….at the moment. But at least plays and that type of thing are at night…Bloody perfect is it or what? Woudn’t that just suit me. I don’t know maybe I’m just beign silly.

Well thank you all for being wonderful and I shall see you all probably Tomrow. Good luck with the move Elise I hope it goes wonderfully wonderful

Love from the Creative Fool. :P

Kasstah, Kassandra, Kass

^ Any of the above ^

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