Rise in morning like the sun set in everning and let the moon be stunned

Dear People,

Hello how are you all? (please tell me on the tag board)

Well I got up at 5am today, I went to bed at about 7pm. This is very strange for the fact that last week I was going to bed at 9am and getting up at 6pm. I change so fast I can’t even keep up with myself. I forgot to eat dinner last night so I had it when I got up. I still feel sick which is annoying but it will get better well hopefully I don’t like goign to dcotors that much, I would go to a natrapath but there is not any real close.

I have joined some new fanslistings which look good and I actually made a little code thing for one. The chistina one down the bottom that says inviduality on it. I hope it looks ok.

Mum is going to town today they leave at 11am. I went and said to her thismornign what time are you leaveing that was at 7am :S what a doodie but she went back to sleep that is good.

I have to do some school work soon so I will leave soon. Elise messaged me phone yesterday I got really happy and went yay. I messaged her back and said well lucy misses servvie but at least we will get to see each other this year she doesn’t know yet that I probably will be seing her in this October!! Have to make sure it’s ok first. Gotta love the “evol” ways *laughs*

I sent an e-mail to my friend she is a very nice person, she was my teacher in Primary school she is just the nicest person. SHe always has somethign nice to say and to try and help its very nice of her.

Well May all the dreams come true for you all and all your lives be filled with joy and Karmic love

Love kass

P.s I’m hungry :S

Bye now.

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