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Spiritually things have been going okay. Sometimes it’s hard to cling onto the idea of something when you are not getting first hand knowledge of it, but I know that if I continue on the path to believing that it will indeed happen. I have never been in a position such as the one I am in now, and it has only been nine days, when it feels like months have passed, just very quickly! I am still very excited about it, and will be talking to someone who will give me great guidance in a few days. I am really looking forward to this. I did not mean for that to sound that I don’t believe what I am doing, I am just making sure I am cautious at the same time as letting myself free of logic that can sometimes block a spiritual connection. You have to learn to juggle both in a way.

Family life is a little stressed at the moment. My father is sick, he had tests today and they found a ‘growth’. I am hoping it’s not cancer, and I am scared because his father had bowel cancer. But I can only wait and see and hope for the best. He will be home for two weeks starting tomorrow so I shall make sure to take care of him!

Also, just a reminded for those interested there is a few days left in the free domain competition, so if you haven’t already applied now is the perfect time to do so! I am looking forward to picking the winners, and I may also through in a few extra suprises, but I can’t say anything until the comptetition is drawn. ;)

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  • Cecelia says:

    woah, great idea with the domain competition. I would definately take part if it wasn’t for the fact that I already have 3 domains and only use one of them.. :)

  • Hannah says:

    Kya, you are so sweet. :) You remind me a lot of Esme from Twilight in that essence (sorry, started reading it less than a week ago, on the last book and pretty much relate everything and everyone to it now).

    I hope your father is okay. I’m sure it will be fine. :) But if it does get bad, it can only get better? :)

  • Shen says:

    I’m sorry to hear about your father. I do hope it’s not cancer or anything of that matter to worry about. I guess you need to think positive and pray. :-) I hope he gets well soon.

    Shen last blogged: Dream Wedding.

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