Set out and planned

Eating: S’ok chips that taste weird becuase they have no flavour or anything.

Drinking: Air

Thinking: I hate to insult my own country but you really did a rotten thing. Cosima (cosimo??) Was the best singer out of the whole thing and what did you do you rotten people you didn’t vote for her!!! HOw could you do that, the judges knew she was the best WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU BLOODY BLOODY BUGGER!!!!!!

Talking to: Damia in the Hogwarts chat room and Ray.

Annoyed with: Australia and Oscar.

Facts: Mum is comming home tonight she feels sick and so they are comming back tonight don’t blame them

Fiona rang up yesterday to tell me the facts about her metting bret lee. Also someone in the back groud at her place was calling me a ho. Always nice to hear these things. *shrugs*

I am reading the Harry Potter books again. Well I am on the first chapter of the first book. It is soo hard to try and block all the things from the other ones jumping into my head. I start reaing and then my mind goes off onto all the events that happen around that. It makes me happy to read them they truley are great.

I slept in mums bed last night her bed is nice and good. Now I will have to give it back. Bugger

Animal: Maddy is in the room with me. I will cuddle her. She is sitting in the sun spot on the little lounge and she looked up and did her little maddy smile she is great.

Happy thought: I should be getting Painty poddly next week, I hope I can really make patch things for dad I am sure I will be able too :S Well I have to force myself too becuase I said I could.

Wanting: Nothing at all really

Needing: A shower :S

Feeling: Happy and needing to go to the toilet,KAss!!

Feeling now: Much better, (bbf bbf bbf bbf)

School work: I just did science and some others.

Going: yes I am now thank for you crossing over I am Kassandra good day

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