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haha I don’t know why I made that but I was feelng to love of Colin and I had too razz anyway not much has been happerning but I have decided that maybe tommorow I will ring my school and tell them I want to do all my remaning courses but take them over two years, yes I know I will be like 20 when I finish school but it’s better then something else. But then if I want to finish them early I can do as much as possible. I also really need to do the IT one because I desperatly want to get into web design properly. It’s just so interesting I love it to bits!!!!

Anyway I better go before the storm does another black out and I loose this entry, eek. Thanks for all the welcoming messages it’s very much appreaciated *hugs*

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  • Anna says:

    Hey, thanks for complimenting my site! I think yours is great too – i mean, drew barrymore – who can complain You mentioned the error – do you see it all the time or just until the picture loads?? It’s been there since I started using skins… I dont worry too much coz the pic covers it and the skins work, lol…

  • Yimin says:

    Just quickly dropping by to give you a hug *huggles* :heart: I must carry on working now . Ive been working all night for this deadline tomorrow it is sukyy!

  • Nadine says:

    don’t mind me but I’m not much of a colin fan :dead:

  • Kate says:

    Cool pic of Colin. I don’t think I’ve seen it before.

    You’d be fantasic at webdesign if you went into if professionally.

  • Kat says:

    weee babe! Another entry so soon! *dances* Yes, I agree, Colin is sexeh devil *grin* I think it’s great that you want to do webdesign! I would, but I suck at it XD hehe. Boooo! To black outs, they suck Much love darling, can’t wait to talk next! *smooch*

  • Hollie says:

    Hey sweetie!!! That is awesome that u got a new domain woo hoo!! aww Im not on the loved list pooey lol oh well!!! Whoa u want to go into web design? Thats effin awesome! I would, but Im not good enough at it yet lolll!!! Colin is neat Nice job hun! ttyl take care xox o

  • kate says:

    mmm … colin … :heart:

  • Doreen says:

    hey awesum site you have, pretty colours!

  • Blair says:

    Hey! I love your site! I got your link from yimin! she rocks! I love colin farrel too. once again… your site is great! i love your layout!

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