Story story tell me your glory don’t be afraid I say the same

Welcome welcome,

Hello greatness and eveything around.

Welcome back Elise and welcome back all. Your house sounds wonderful and I will get to see it ^2^ THat will be great. (the 2 is my big nose)

I hade to do so make up roleplaying for the time that I had missed, I will give you an overview of what happend.

Nova Firestone got fired!

Well that was quick,,,BBf bbf.

Mum left for sydney this smorning I am here with dad. That will be ok I’m sure we will have a good time.

I watched Australian Idole Last night and Cosimo is the best after she sang first noone else sounded that good. she is really great. It was funny becuase the juges were really at each other throut. At the start it was Dicko and mark, then it was dicko and marsha. It was weird. Marck wanted to let….I can’t remember his name but he was the smalion with a angel voice. Mark wanted to let him have a secound chance becuase they gave others a secound chance that night but dicko said no and marsha said they did give him a chance that day. If he knew english he could be perfect, He will be able to a deal but I think he would need to speak english for this idole.

I am not doign to hit the button this time and errase everything I have written If I do I will never speak to myself again.

Oscar….ehh ehhh ehh . She was a pain in the bumhole last night. Me and mum didn’t get that much sleep. She was running around knocking everything over jumpin on my head being a little brat. Don’t you just hate that. I will lock her away tonight somewhere becuase she is crazy.

I think I should do school work very soon becuase it’s important and I don’t want to fail year 11. FAIL FAIl. Sorry just had to tell myself that word a couple of times so I could get my act together. o9o Take that self.

I have been telling everything it’s going to rain laterly. (or giving them the rude finger. That’s what mum said to dad oneday it looks like rain and stuck her finger up at him so that is out joke now) I don’t know why. *shrugs*

I have got the next book in the set of miniture books. That is a total of four now I’m going well. I have to get the little miniture book case it’s $50 but mum said I have to get it becuase it is cute.

I can’t wait Next week I should be getting Paint Shop pro. Then I can really think I can actually do stuff. Could take me 20 millions hours to work it out. Then I could make a fanlisting about………Oscar and how annoying she is. I don’t think I could make a fanlisting becuase they are to….Alot of work they seem to be. I already have……….3 no wait 4 that I try to keep things going all the time. Well one main one no wait to main ones. :S but they are just play ones they arn’t actually any good. But I might start doing that theatre thing and not have time to make websites. I have no idea.

Well I am going to be busy from next month. Becuase I am going to, Tammy, Melbournm sydney each month has somethign exciting. I don’t think we will be going to QLD in december even though I would lovy lovy too. But I don’t know if JASe will be there or not. I mean it’s on Boxing day. :S So what are the chances he will. HE could have his wife with him that would be rood. *looks around* what it would be I’m not lying.

I have been singing all the time again, bloody idole it is a bbb. In tell you it is. Well hmmm what else can be said………………..I think I am boring becuase I cann’t even make conversation with myself you bumhole :S Ohh well what an inslut I am leaving now “good” NO it’s not good you hurt me feelings “o9o” :O you horrible person “Mwuahahahaha”

:S :S :S;S:S:S:S:S:

“I”m not crazy I’m just a little unwell becuase I said thanks for making me a fighter in this world I feel crazy little miss idenpedent girls don’t like boys girls like cars and money hey sister sould sister let her flow sister you are beutiful stuck on you.”

Well that was musical :) are you proud of me? Well Must troddle of into the outter limits of space and dulge into my inner most feelings in my space minded internal timeframe.

I’m kassandra and thanks for tuning in, Next time we will talk about the daily events that change peoples lives into what they become so untill then looks after you self.

—Fade out music—-

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