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For several months we have had a visitor. Sometimes the feline friend would be here one night and gone for several more. However in the last three months this visitor has really become apart of the family and now lets me cuddle, pet and pick him up. He does not get along so well with the other members of the family but I have a nice bond with him.

I introduce you to Ernie.


It took me a while to get good photos of him, because he would usually visit after dark.


Thankfully on one lucky day, I noticed him and he did not seem scared of my camera.


So… that might mean I have 9 cats and 1 bird now… but I love them all.

Goodbye Friend

Yesterday I lost my dear friend and doggie, Kinky. She was an old dog and became very ill. It was so sad to see her so sick and to go through so much that I had to make the awful decision to have her put to sleep. I wish I didn’t have to do it, but she was becoming sicker and sicker and I didn’t want her to have to go through such trauma. I was very close to her, we formed a special bond and loved each other. She hated to be away from me, so I stayed with her until the end so she was not alone. I am really going to miss her and I am lucky that I was able to have a special animal friend like her in my life.

December Update

Life has been busy at the moment, and the last few days have been chaos.

  • A started Uni and I am loving it. Meeting so many different people and starting to work on many interesting subjects related to the internet. Week is more of an introduction to the units and meeting students, week two (next week) will begin more detailed work on the modules within the units. I am excited.
  • Kitdung (formally known as Rascal) was ill and we had to take him to the vet. He couldn’t eat and was having a lot of trouble swallowing. He is doing a lot better now!
  • It has rained so much that today all roads leading out of town. Poppy had to go to diyalsis and because the roads became blocked could not come home. This was very hectic because we had to try and work out a way for him to stay somewhere. It is quite scary and I hope he will be okay and we can pick him up tomorrow, as well as Kitdung who is still at the vet.
  • I hate a tooth that is giving me hell. I had a dentist appointment today, but because of the rain I couldn’t go, blah.
  • Because of so much rain one of our dams was overflowing and over 50 fish had been washed out into the grass. It was by luck that I happened to wonder over to the area they were. I jumped into action and put them back into the water. It was so sad to see them trying to find water to survive, but I am so glad I was able to find them in time and save them. Poor little creatures. *hugs*
  • I have a new DeviantArt account, I have added some new pixels too it lately. :)
  • It is still raining now. I hope it slows soon!


Monday I was almost bitten by a brown snake, that freaked me out a lot and I hope to never encounter a snake again any time soon! *shivers* I was walking out of the driveway to help my grandfather when he came home from dialysis when I almost walked on a big brown snake. I froze (thankfully) the snake started to go down a whole that was right near it, then came up again and started twisting it’s head, going to strike me (arrrrrh :0 ) I started to back away very slowly, while my heart was beating 200 times a minute. The snake began to move, but not towards me (oh boy) and slithered the other way, the sound of it moving and seeing how long it was made me feel sick, especially knowing how close I came to being bitten. I rushed inside and began shaking, I just couldn’t stop I was so traumatized by the whole event. I eventually felt calmer after probably four hours and was thankful it didn’t end badly!

Tuesday the man called (a man to do with making sure I can baby sit for the little girl I am going to, I have to have a police check, etc) to say he would be out the next day. So, it was MAD cleaning time, because obviously everything has to be child proofed and you don’t want them to think your house is a complete mess all the time. It took me and Mum around ten hours to clean the whole house and it is spotless. By 6am I was pretty much out of it. :x _x

Wednesday, he arrived and we talked and sign the papers. He is really nice and explained various things to us. I am actually looking forward to looking after this gorgeous little girl, and that could be some time next week once I have passed all the checks, because I have nothing to hide. My school work also arrived and I am excited to get into this, I have decided that I will begin the work on Monday and spend the remainder of this week getting finished all the online responsibilities I have (a few things on Bubble, fanlistings and a theme for Cupkate 3_3 ).

Lastly, I feel the need to own a Devil Tail on Gaia. 35 million? wow, if I sell some things I may just have enough. *fingers crossed* Although, I don’t think I can get rid of any prized items like the OMG, Horns, AFK and those because I was so absolutely thrilled to have them. If I am patient I will get there eventually. *nod*

Merry Christmas 2009!

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone around the world. I hope you have a truly magical day.  :3

I had a very nice day with family. Laughing and coming home to the little kitten who is a bundle of joy. He is sitting on my keyboard as I type this now purring away. *snuggles* So gorgeous!

A curious kitten

Even in the dark there is always light. My light is family and the purity of a curious soul trapped inside the body of a kitten. I would like to introduce you to the newest member of my family: Rascal a male ginger kitten that is just adorable and I already love with all my heart only having known them for not even 24 hours.


It is amazing how something so simple as bringing new life into your home can really brighten the spirit. I also finished Christmas shopping today and I plan to take Rascal to the nursing home to see my Nanna when we visit her on Christmas day. <)

Threadless ate my wallet

Threadless has a sale on this week with all shirts $12. Yep this was deadly, and I ended up spending $251 uh oh. But hey, I did get a whole heap of super awesome shirts that will (and do) make me smile! :D They are selling out pretty fast, so if you desperately want any of these I would BUY before it is too late. Unless you can wait for reprints, sometimes that takes years *sniff*

Today was icky, in that a brown snake was in my Poppy’s house (arrrrh!) I wasn’t there at the time but it has still freaked me out. The brown snakes are very dangerous and a bite from them can kill you, so you can imagine my alarm. My uncle got rid of that one, I just hope there is no more that come inside, it really is scary. *shudders* On top of that there has also been a lot of smoke around lately, there is a rather big fire in my area but thankfully it is some distance away so I should be safe. It still makes me nervous though.

The birds are going well! Bai Bai has some funny tricks like jumping on me and then my head and getting tangled in my hair. He/She has yet to poo in my hair but I just know that moment will come. She is growing so fast though and has already started to try and fly. For her sake I hope she can be free and enjoy the wonders of the word without being locked in a cage. We just have to wait and see, and find how she goes in the wild.

Bai Bai & Hello

I would like to introduce to everyone the newest addition to my family a little baby Currawong bird named Bai Bai (I say it like bye bye). Dad found the little bird on the ground after it must have fallen out of it’s nest, poor little thing. So we have it in the spare room with Poodle and they seem to get on pretty well. We have had Poodle for almost a year now, looks like it is turning into a bird paradise. Bai Bai does the cutest thing though, after you feed her she makes this adorable squeaking sound just like a squeeky toy, love it. :k



I’m tied at the moment and to prevent ham being sent to Leasy I am writing in this, good idea I think so. Now I spent hours making the thing, Layout for my website and I will be very happy when I have y password and can put it on their becuase it is rather snazzo, well for one of my creations it is. It has MASTER on it *dies and drolls in the one commotion* oh it’s the 19th that’s good then.

Um what else….something..I have been making little grafic things with paint shop pro 8. It does kewl things and I love it. *hugs it* Oscar is making funny noises and pocket went for pee oee. haha pee oee how cute.

Ok my brain is slowing down now. Can you tell? what..can you tell what? HELLO ANSWER ME :( ok now I’m just being stupid. I need my domain to be working again. Why the hell do I have to write something every fecking day anyway? Oh well one does have to…grow chickens.

merry poppins. JASE JASE YOU ALL HATE HIM, no SHIT if you hate him then I will be angry you hate him but if you love him then I will be upset that you love him. ok you all LIKE him but not in THAT WAY ….not that I like him in anyway..oh shit I think I will shut up now becuase I blow my cover..opps now I gave away more..waa waa


Back from the dead. aww :)

Howdy ho,

Its been a long while since I have written in here, but since I do have the internet back on and I cann’t update my actual blog on my domain I thought I may as well update this becuase I always yearn for that need to you know write heaps of things. Maybe it is my metal disability maybe it is my ying to the yang or maybe I am just very tied, either way or anyway I am doing so now.

I have a brand new computer. Well it is a twin as am I. Miss Darling Elise…NONONONON Miss Elise yes thats better. I can’t believe I said that. haha haha anyway back to the train of thought. It is really great and it moves fast, faster then any other compyter I have had. All up it was $3005.00 so that is good but I have to pay dad back, when I can..maybe when I sell my fist book…..hmmm.

Yes well I will say that Oscar blew my old computer uo becuase she was fidling with the insides and pluged the wrong thing into the mother board so yeah…that naughty oscar…we’ll just say it was hers, afterall why would III want to do antything like that….lala..

I have been a bit sick lately and it was very boring for the 3 weeks I did not have a computer, how great my life is. But what was terrible was not being able to talk to Leasy. We talked on the phone that was great but it’s a ton of fun just being able to talk to her whenever. How dare I I mean oscar take that away. But not to worry it’s all back now so it’s all kewl in the world of that.

I should have my domina back by monday..well I mean I what did I spell haha I meant Domain. domina hah that’s it’s name awww. anyway I get sidtraked so easily. It took me bloody a full day before I did anything to try and fix my e-mail i’m such a terner. I turn it into shit.

Ok merry easter and happy halloween.