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Art Wednesday: Pixels!

Okay, I was a little lazy. I was trying to create something in illustrator but I wasn’t feeling very inspired, so I thought I could cheat and share pixels I have made over the last week. :P

These are just a handful of the new ones I have made, which will be added to Pop. :D

Art Wednesday: Fashion Girl

Edit: I revamped the image a bit and added gradients and a bit of a body. You can see the change in the first image compared to the second. 4_4

I wanted to try a different style of art this time round for this week. It might be similar in some ways (har har) but to me it is a different approach to the process. It is rather simple, but I hope for a simple elegance and beauty to shine through in this fashion diva. :B

Would you use this image in a layout? Just curious. 4_4

Art Wednesday: Weird Dude & No Ciggs

I basically opened Illustrator with the intention of creating an artwork, but I wasn’t sure what. I found myself sketching the head, then kind of fell into a morbid/depressed character. I kept the character dark, but I also wanted to include something that would signal hope, but seem completely out of place with the image, because hope and happiness can often seem that way when you feel so low.

These are rather quick, which seems to be my level of patience for creating most works lately. :P

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