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Posted by on June 2, 2016 in The Month That Was.

In May 2016 my blog turned 10, I continued study and mostly finished the kitchen. For some random reason May is my favourite month in the year. I guess because its starting to cool down and we get a lot of rain and can get snuggly near the fire.   This month I was able to celebrate […]

Posted by on May 13, 2016 in General.
Kya's Blog Birthday Giveaway

Today my blog turns 10 and to celebrate I am holding a stationery giveaway!  Ten years ago on the 13th of May 2006, a 19 year old me registered the domain kya.nu. In my first blog post, I wrote that it had been a wishlist domain for a while. I think the greatest thing about […]

Posted by on March 31, 2016 in The Month That Was.

In March 2016, I started my next class at Uni, turned 29 and almost finished the kitchen. Life Updates: Started my second class at Uni, which has a focus on many traditional design formats. Such as sketching, tracing, model making, collage. It has a main focus on doing things by hand, and not using computer […]

Posted by on March 11, 2016 in Personal.

Today I turned 29 and while it is a weird age to consider that your 20s are almost over, I think I am mostly okay with that. I have never been one to let age define who I am, and that is probably why turning 29 is not that big of a deal. I think sometimes […]

Posted by on March 20, 2015 in Personal.

On March 11, I turned 28. It wasn’t all doomy and gloomy, but it did feel strange. Yesterday I thought I was only a teen, and now I am inching towards 30. I think the most important thing that I realised is; I don’t have to act my age, I only have to be myself. […]