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27 Years Today

27 years ago today I was born. In those 27 years that I have been here, I have discovered interesting ways that humans; interact, love, care, hurt, cheat, lie and heal. I have seen life and I have seen death. I have witnessed the decay of people I love and also found an enduring love and honour of spirit. I have struggled with invisible demons and had support by those that offered only the most noble of shelter. I have fought and I have won, I have fought and I have lost, I have fought and keep fighting. I have grown and developed, discovered new paths and clung to dreams so closely forged within.

My hope is that there will be a future that I can be proud of, to have done the things I want and need too, to be and act as the person that I am and to continue to understand and cherish the relationships and people that travel along this life with me.

24 Today *gasp*

Today I am 24, very strange. I had originally planned to write a post on reflections and what I plan to do in the next year before turning 25 (mainly to do with pushing myself to do the things I have always wanted) but I don’t feel like it right now. Next update I’ll see how I go.

I was having a good day, received so many messages (amazing, thank you ALL!) but found out in the afternoon that Dad was in hospital and had been since 7am. *sigh* So that has made things a bit blah. I hope he will be okay. :(

I do have cupcakes! Everything is okay with cupcakes. x:cupcakestraw: x:cupcakechoc:

Brief Blogeo

This is just a quick blog to point out the fact the layout has been changed. I had actually brought a theme, then decided to use a HTML template I had made a little while ago and turn into into a WordPress theme and add some features. It’s simple, but I like it (so far). I might consider offering it for other people, but not sure if anyone would use it? :i

I have a blog post planed, mainly about reflection and what I want to be able to do in life (break free of the fear). The inspiration for it? My birthday is tomorrow and I am turning 24, feels so weird. o_0

I am working on revamping the content. So far I have fixed About me, 50 books, domains and geek. I want to finish off the me section and get into the goodies as well. That is really bad and has a number of dead links. :(

Brain Slime

Study Sleeping

The past week (all my life) my brain has been anywhere but in my body, especially my head (refer to the #mybrainhasmeltedoutofmyear tweet). I wish it would not choose the moments where I have to focus to run away on me, without even leaving a note. :0 I can’t blame it for everything I know, at least 30% of the problems for it not being there are my fault. Giving it to much to think about, not giving it enough, not feeding it, not letting it sleep for long enough, letting it sleep for too long. I am a bad brain owner. I am sorry brain… most of the time, but in the end if I am not sorry I pay for it, don’t I?

I currently have to focus on:

  • Assignment 2 for NET102, Due Monday 24 Jan
  • Assignment 2 for WEB101, Due Friday 28 Jan
  • Renovating my room, now have a major mess and no bed – so soon as possible
  • Work on Bubble (some major stuff, shh), Soon as possible
  • Preparation for Poppy coming home, 5 or 10 Feb-ish
  • INXS/Train Concert, Tuesday 25 Jan

There seems a million more things when what I actually have to do and I am trying very hard to focus and put everything into perspective and ORDER. The assignments are my main issue right now and it is my fault I left them too long. It was one of those ‘hey I have a week, I have so much time, yay’ that turned into ‘OMG WHAT A FEW DAYS WHY YOU DO THIS’ situations. o_0 I did get my results from assignment one in both net102 and web101. Heh, I am not exactly pleased with my result, but at least from the comments I can work on improving. 60% for net102 and 53% for web101. Not so great. :x _x

So I am wasting more time blogging instead of working on my thesis statement for the essay? :l

Also, happy birthday Kate and you can also socially stalk me via up.nu!

Rolling Around On Broken Toes

  • Happy Birthday Krissy!
  • I need to make sure I read what I post before I publish (in regards to my last entry that had a lot of fail).
  • I have to write 500 words on the impact of music in everyday life, right now staring at a blank page (I can dooo ittt).
  • I need to reply to emails this century. My mind is a mudpuddle right now. :0
  • I have become slightly obsessed with watching TV shows online; Dexter Season 5, Freaks and Geeks (Dude, I loved this show.), The Walking Dead (I only just discovered this and I am in zombie/horror heaven 3_3 ) and a number of other series I am going to try out, like Skins and Glee (I am not sure about this, I am not a great fan of musicals, heh). Watching TV shows does not help with study. Oh the evil delicious.

The Number Twenty Three

Today I am 23 years old, It seems so strange that I have been on this earth for that long when everything has sped past in a flash of colours and cupcakes. x:cupcakestraw: That is life, it does that (the sneaky little pooh). I have had a very slow relaxing day which has been good. I watched the movie Up and love it to pieces. 3_3 I also went on a huge shopping spree the other day and brought heeeaaps of things. DVDs, Books, Sheets, Quilt Covers, Bags, Shoes, Mice (as in the computer variety, hopefully this time they will last a while I seem to be cursed), a laptop cooler fan thingy and random other things.

Mum surprised me with a really lovely desk for my room. It is black and silver and looks sexy. I hope to have it set up tomorrow. ^_^

Mogwai and Rascal are the best of friends now. Rascal was very jealous at first but now they have a whole bunch of fun. They look so adorable cuddled up together. 4_4 Hopefully I will actually put up pictures some time in this millennium.

Thank you to everyone that wished me a happy birthday on Twitter/Facebook/LiveJournal or email. It was very lovely to receive your kind words and made me smile. 3_3


I have a new kitten and her name is Mogwai (not named after the band, but the cute little creators from Gremlins). She is black and white and has huge eyes. She is so small and a teeny tinny bit weird looking. I shouldn’t say weird, I mean unique. Rascal is not so friendly with her at the moment which is a great shame. I thought they would be good friends, so I hope they will be (once he gets over his rough playing and wanting to suffocate her, eeek).

I have imported all my old blog entries from 2003 onwards. When I opened my blog again in 2009 I didn’t add them because I felt embarrassed by the majority of those entries and wanted to hide them. After thinking about it, I thought no. These are a part of me and I should keep them on record to show how I have developed and grown. Not very exciting for you the visitor, but it is a nice feeling for me to know my blog has a ‘complete history’.

I have managed to find time to work on my school studies. It is nice to put effort into a subject and really try your best. This is all so new to me because I have never tried hard with my education before. I treated it more of a joke and something to pass the time then a stepping stone into a future that I can love and celebrate. I guess I have just matured a lot in this short time.

My room is such a tragic mess I seriously need to clean it and the house. With so many cats (six) their fur can really be a nightmare. Hello Mr Vacuum, the one I despise the most.

My birthday is in four days, I find it so strange that time has passed that fast and I will be twenty three. Most birthdays I have thought I felt a lot younger then the age I was turning, but this year I feel like mentally (in some ways) I am that age. I am not sure if I like that or not.

Here are some questions.
1. Do you have any animals? If so what are there names.
2. Do you keep all of your older blog entries?
3. Are you currently in school, how do you keep yourself motivated and on track?

Oh Why Sydney WHY

Sydney Swans lost their game last night, we are out until next year now. I think I kind of knew it was coming anyway. It will just be weird not seeing Spider next year, I did get attached to him. At least Barry didn’t bash anyone. Keep him in the good books for next year. ;D

I had to vote today for a Local election. I didn’t really have any idea who I was voting for, but ended up finding someone who will hopefully get the job done for the local community.

It’s my Poppy’s (Grandfathers) 85th birthday tomorrow. I don’t have a present for him, but I will be getting one for him on Tuesday when I go and visit a friend who had a Baby in August. We may have a nice family dinner like we did last Sunday for fathers day so we’ll see how it goes. :)

Lastly, Nadine posted an interesting Blogthing about what names mean. I’ll do two, one of my real name Kassandra and the other of Kya. Under the cut bay-be.

Pants Pants Pants

Happy birthday to my offline friend Cherie who turns 21 today. :)

I finally finished Fan Magic! The site is free hosting for fanlistings, fanlistings collectives or cliques. I had a lot of fun making it so I hope people will enjoy it. :) The packages are not that large, but generally fanlistings do not require a lot of space. But I may make changes to them later, depending on how people feel about them.

I talked to my grandfather today about me caring for them and he is very thrilled about the idea. Not only do I help them, but I will also help Mum and myself. I can have money of my own and give some to Mum and Dad rather then take it off them. It’s pretty crazy I am 21 years old and don’t have any income – but I have always been a bit backward in coming forward.

I was ‘speaking’ with Tom the other day (for those who do not know Tom is one of my spirit guides) and he told me in the coming weeks I will have a lot of inspiration thrown my way and I should use it for all it’s worth. He mentioned that it wouldn’t be the last bundle of inspiration, but it wouldn’t be this strong for a while. It sounds interesting so I hope I do take advantage of it. He also mentioned something about my first novel and it wouldn’t be in the form I first thought, but that it would be published and there would be many. All very exciting. :D

I think I shall bounce off and watch TV now. :D

A Message To Myself.

Dear Kassandra,

This is me, twenty one years old. I may look back on my youth one day and wonder what my life had meant, what values I held and the dreams and aspirations that were the core of my being, the strength that propelled me forward, attached to the love of family and dear friends. So I give this message to myself and hope that I shall carry it with me during my lifetime and inspire myself to stay true to the child that lives inside.

Twenty one years is a flicker in time, wading away in a pool of emotions and love. Memories all flashing by like the turning pages of hundreds of photo albums. Words captured and realised, felt and misspelled. Creativity lifting the spirit and the black dog isolating the world. Happiness and sadness, the greatest trust and a broken sorrow all flickering like moths searching for light.

I see this world in all its form. The darker days linger in blood soaked ink in the pages of history, while the strong and proud, the pure of heart roam free. Sometimes unseen in the littlest detail but to the individual of mind, they shine vibrantly in a form too beautiful for words and only supported by tears.

I grow, but I do not let go to the innocence, the ability to dream with a child’s mind. The searching for my own truth, my own understanding of all around me. Not to be swayed or influenced, to dream with my own ideals, to speak my mind and try not to let fear burn my own individuality. I search to find the courage and strength to follow my dreams and dip my toes into my interests that seem so distant and unsure.

I feel proud to have been given gifts that allow me to express myself in a way that lets go of my thoughts locked inside my wondering mind. Always moving in motion and open for so much more. For knowing the direction I want my life to go and for the focus that circulates around my dream. Even when my body slows or may not be perfect in my eyes, I can drift away to a place that is my own.

For my future I can only hope that it shall become everything that I wish for. I am worthy of having the things I desire and letting my imagination run wild. I hope that when I read this again or when the hands of time have turned I embrace the life that could be mine.

Love from Kassandra.
Written on the 11th of March 2008, My Birthday.

(Weirdly enough I started writing this and I have finished it a few minutes shy of the exact time I was born. Strange how these things happen without you realising. I guess it was meant to be.)