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The Month That Was: November 2015

In November 2015, I started study and finished my first children’s book.

I have been busy in November with finding my study groove. I am only a part time student doing oneĀ unit at a time and right now thatĀ suits me perfectly. I submitted my first assignment last week and look forward to feedback. The current unit I am studying is based on 20th Century Design, and I am discovering how much I didn’t understand about it. I also got the final printed version of my bookĀ (Tom and Geraldene) and I am really happy with it. ?


I made the decision that I wanted to simplify many of the online projects that I am running.

With my first week of Uni under my belt, I realised that I need to be able to dedicate as much time as I can to study. It doesn’t mean that I want to close every website I run, it just means a little shuffling and asking for help.

Giraffe Host
Giraffe Host has now been moved to a hosting page on my blog. The application form is closed at the moment, but I have no intention to stop hosting anyone.

Cup MB
Cup MB is still up and active and I have no intention to close it. I am just looking for 1/2 people that might be interested to help out as administrators, so that the load of running a message board can be shared.

blogmatter-300 Blog Matter
Although Blog Matter is not acting as I originally intended (comment exchange) it is a community for bloggers and I hope that one day I can turn it into the comment exchange that I had planned. Because a community can take a lot of work, both in moderating, promoting and fresh content, I would also like to find 1/2 people that might be interested to help out. Particularly in the area of sharing new content and blog posts.

If you are interested to help out at Cup or Blog Matter, contact me and let me know.

I also recently discovered that my contact form does not seem to have been sending messages. So if you did try and contact me recently via the contact form on my site, I did not receive it. :(

Good News

I recieved the news that I was accepted into the Communication Design degree and start in July!

I am really excited about this and I can’t wait to begin. I just have to wait until I get an email to officially enrol in a certain unit and defer my fees (because I could not afford to pay them right now). I will also have to find out if I need any textbooks or programs. I have Adobe CS5, but might have to use the new CC version (which I wanted to try anyway and can use a student discount). ^_^

I have also been busy working on some projects. Blog Matter is open again, Giraffe Host is accepting new applications for free hosting and I don’t think I mentioned this before, but I have a message board everyone is welcome to join!

New Theme (Orca)

Hello again! I recently took my site offline for a few days while I changed the theme and made changes to many of the pages throughout the site.

The theme is awesome. It is called Orca, created by EckoThemes and purchased via Themeforest. I love that it is very spacious and ‘clean lined’. I wanted a design that was new, fresh and squeaky clean. I had intended to create a theme of my own the next time I wanted a change… maybe after this one. :D

Blog Matter

Good news, I have finally opened my project I have been working on, Blog Matter. If you’re a blogger and are looking to gain a little bit more exposure or discover new blogs, Blog Matter can hopefully help you. What does the site do exactly? The main concept of the website is that it is a comment exchange. You sign up and once a week receive an email with blogs to comment as well as bloggers that will comment on your website. I was an active member of similar concepts like this around 2006 and was disappointed that nothing like it popped up again (or that I could find anyway).

I couldn’t have created the website by myself, so I have to thank Claire, Nicole and Tess for being so awesome. :D A special mention should also be given to Alice, Claire, Dismey, Evelyn, Kalliste, Kate, Liz, Nicole and Silver who helped pick the name of the website. Thank you!