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Christmas Card Exchange

Hello everyone, my blog had been offline for a little while as I was moving hosts. I plan to talk about that in another post.

I also made a new site called Cute Magic. >.<

Christmas is not far away and I would love to see if anyone is interested to exchange snail mail cards with me?

This year I had a new design printed in postcard form. I am quite happy with how it turned out. Here is a sneak.


If you are interested just leave a comment and I will email you, or send an email to kya@love.com and I will get back to you. :]

I may not be able to afford to send a card to everyone, but please ask and I will do my best. :3

1. Want to exchange cards?
2. Are you sending cards this year?
3. Do you include anything with your cards? (I usually like to include a note and a little gift, I think it’s fun.)
4. What is on your Christmas wishlist?

My christmas designs, printed :D


My Christmas designs arrived and I am really happy with the result. I decided on the four final designs from all of your help, and what I liked too. Plus, I decided to have a notepad and stickers made. Even though the notepad is not really ‘Christmas related‘ it has to make an appearance. I don’t intend to sell them, just to share cards with friends/family and maybe include some stickers and a note with them. :D If you are interested in exchanging cards, let me know.


It might be a bit hard to tell, but the cards are also glossy and feel nice to touch.


Yay, giraffe Santa!


All the stars! :D


This photo kind of went a bit noodley and made the quality look eh. It looks better in ‘real life’. xD


Your friendly Christmas tree.


A fun little notepad I designed. I made the contrast of the design lighter, so you could see what you are writing haha. I also realised it’s a bit crooked. But, cute giraffe!


Loveable star stickers. I really love this and think they are my favourite thing (I do have a sticker collecting problem).


I am happy with how all of the designs turned out and can’t wait to post them off. I had all of my cards/designs printed with Vistaprint, price was good and they shipped really really fast! Might be a cool option for anyone in Australia looking to have designs printed. The only bummer is, when you upload a design, you can’t see a quality preview, they make you pay for that. But if you upload high quality files (for my designs I usually use the .ai, illustrator file) there is no problem.

Card Swap

Anyone want to exchange Christmas cards with me this year? <) If you’re interested comment me, or send an email to kyaish@gmail.com and I will let you know if I accept the offer and want to. It would be good if I do know you in some way, as I don’t exactly feel comfortable giving out my address to complete strangers. ;) I love buying cards and I can’t wait to send some out this year!

Ghosties right behind the door

Thank you so much to everyone for the comments and not so much thanks to some of the weird comments from Peter Pan, I will not be your tinkerbell crack head freak ;D

I watched a new show that aired here in Oz tonight, it”s called Ghost Whisperer I thought it was pretty good. It”s in many ways similiar to medium. It has a lady who gets visits from those lost souls who need to send messages to loved ones and need a person who can see and commincate with the dead (a Medium) to help them. I do believe they got alot of things right and I love shows like this because I can relate to them (:

I have a pending fanlisting on upcoming or just a pending fanlisting I am freaking out, I tell you. It”s so masive to me I would just be over the moon if I got it. But I am trying not to get to worked up about it because I know I may not get it and yes I don”t want to cry emo tears with Tibet. BUT I also have fanlistings I need to own or I will die Like a certain webmaster ;) And Actor *croses fingers, hands, toes and anything else.*

Keeping with TFL chat I am now also a Trouble Checking in Websites :D I love websites and its not that bigga category so all should be wonderful I look forward to January when I shall be able to do my first check for the new new, damn hiatus *snort*

I am having fun with sending cards, thanks guys who emailed me wanting one I looove sending them so will be alot of fun to get many as well.

Going to see GOF on Friday, woot. I am also going to buy Nicoles xmas present on Friday as well, woo that will be lots of fun fun. And just so everyone knows I have not brought any domains since my last blog, but I think within the next blog I may have…… (: the precious <33333 Thanks guys :) *hugs*’,

Again with the layout…

Yep I changed my layout again, I can”t help myself I just didn”t connect with the other one and started to hate it more and more every time I looked at it. I don”t mind this one that much because I haven”t had Nicole Kidman on a layout before and I have always liked her alot :)

It”s neally christmas time, and yo”ll know what that means, it”s card season. I love sending them and brought some pretty new cards I am dying to share with all my loveable visitors. So if you want to get a card or echangce them via the lovely slow post email me kassers@gmail.com I do want to actually have known you for a little while so I am not randomly sending them to possible stalkers :P

Finally installed the comment hack, took me a few hours because I suck but I got there. I have also updated the rules and all Hostees will get an email hearing the rule update :)

I should be going to see GOF on Friday, Mum really wants to see it. She is trying to steal my man Lucius. Even if I like Draco I still love Lucius as well. It will be a battle, she wasn”t as interested in seeing it untill I said “Jase will be in it” mwuahaha gotta love mums.

I”m in a domain buying mood, eeek. I think I will return comments and play at comments that will take my mind away from those lovely adorable doma……..

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