Blog shuffling again

So I decided to shuffle things around again and now have my blog back on a self-hosted WordPress and plan on using it as a personal blog, as it has been for a long time. I was rather inspired by Liz and how honest her blog is and thought that I should really do that too. I also decided to restore all of my old blog posts (from 2003 onwards). Many of these older entries are pretty crazy, but they are mine and I shouldn’t hide from them, at least I know I have grown as a person (… hopefully).

Because I haven’t designed a website for a long time (let alone a WordPress theme) I decided to purchase one. So I brought Keilir which I think is rather awesome and should work well until I decide to make my own theme again.

I have kept the previous posts I was making of daily inspiration/creative things and moved those to which I will still continue to work on.

There hasn’t been a lot going on at the moment, or rather nothing exciting. I am trying to deal with a lot of mental health issues, that I might address later.



Stupid computer

Ok So I just spent the last 2 hours scanning heaps of images then putting them together with a song on movie maker thing and then I try to sav it oh wow the file is to large I don’t have enough memory. Then I say oh I will just have to get to see it now so yes that is a good idea, oh look it deicdes to not work when I show her how wonderful of it, then it decides it will freeze my computer and now it is lost forver how VERY happy I am at the moment all I wanted to do was frickin make something special for her jesus I can’t do anything right I think I want to go and break things.

Hating my computer always some moron.