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Posted by on January 30, 2015 in Photography, Shopping.

In December I purchased an adorable book and owl calendar created by the very talented Joy of Whimsical Joy.

Posted by on March 22, 2014 in Photography, Shopping.

It’s no secret that I have a weak spot for cute things. However, I also have another weakness, stationary. Pens, pencils, journals, notepads, stickers, all the things! Now, if you combine cute and stationary together it’s an epic fusion of awesome. Smiggle is a store that does combine these things (and rainbows, with the way […]

Posted by on December 16, 2013 in Photography, Shopping.

I have had a bag of thingsĀ  been sitting in my room for a while that I wanted to photograph and share. Some of these were given to me and others I brought myself. I wanted to share them because they are so cute. Beware this post may be picture heavy. Christmas Ornaments. The middle […]

Posted by on November 23, 2013 in Design, Photography.

My Christmas designs arrived and I am really happy with the result. I decided on the four final designs from all of your help, and what I liked too. Plus, I decided to have a notepad and stickers made. Even though the notepad is not really ‘Christmas related‘ it has to make an appearance. I […]

Posted by on November 26, 2012 in Design.

Each year I love to design my own christmas cards and have them printed. This year I designed a card featuring three giraffes. It is a lot of fun to create your own cards and see them printed, I think it makes the whole process of sending them even more special. The christmas card was […]