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I recently brought a ScanNCut cutting machine, which allows you to scan and cut shapes and patterns with great precision and awesomeness.

I have always fancied the idea of being able to cut out my own designs, to create stationery and stickers. I could do this by hand, but I have found my ability to be precise and consistent is not so good `-` .  I had seen various machines that could cut paper and do really cool things, but never actually decided to invest in one. That changed last week. I am currently studying a typography class and a lot of work I am doing for a project requires working with paper and cutting letters.

After taking a trip to a craft store to look for various supplies, I discovered the ScanNCut machine and thought it would be perfect!   :***:

The Month That Was: June 2016

In June 2016 I completed my second class at university, joined the planner world, made plans to quit smoking and got a car!  :owl:

This month was kind of busy and lead to a number of big things that will have an impact on my future, and I have to say I am feeling very positive about them. The most exciting is that I finally have a car! Well, I have all the paperwork completed, but have to wait until next week before I can pick it up, so I will certainly be writing a more detailed post on that soon.¬† :love: I also completed my second class at Uni, which was Design Studio: Concepts & Narratives. I don’t have my final grade yet, but I am confident I passed. I learned a huge amount and can’t wait to start my next class on Typography in a few weeks!¬† ;D

Website Design Practice

I decided to spend some time today practicing website design and made some simple HTML/CSS layouts.

For a long time I have felt overwhelmed with the idea of trying to create a website design. It felt like so much had¬†changed, with ‘responsive design’ and having to make layouts work in all kinds of browsers. I didn’t feel confident enough¬†to make a design and was confused on where to start. The thing is, if you don’t try and don’t take the action to try and understand you can’t move forward.

While doing numerous searches on how to convert a website design into a responsive one I found¬†How To Convert a Fixed Width to a Responsive Website by¬†Tim Wright¬†which includes a video on his method. His method includes adding @media screen and (max-width:700px) and setting specific widths for the smaller layouts. Then modifying the style codes, so the layout can look better in smaller devices. Such as making the navigation in block instead of inline and taking away the floats from the content and sidebar. ¬†As well as adding meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0 in the header, for the viewport on mobile devices. This was so inspiring, because I thought making a responsive design couldn’t be that easy.

Now, I know that trying this method doesn’t make me an expert or that I understand the whole process 100%, but it was enough for me to try and make a few layouts. They are not perfect, but they are a start and it was fun doing something that I have loved so much.¬†¬† :***:

Lets have a look, shell we?

I wrote a book

I am so¬†thrilled¬†to announce that I have completed my first children’s book.

Tom and Geraldene

The book is called Tom and Geraldene and tells the story of a little boy (Tom) and his toy giraffe that becomes real (Geraldene). Tom wants everyone in his family to meet Geraldene, but not everyone can see her. I have based this book on imagination, friendship, family and looking at the world a little differently (including our acceptance of people of different ages). I really hope that it will be enjoyed by children (and adults as well).

Room Renovation: Complete

I am so pleased that my room renovation is finally complete. The final step was decorating and I had a lot of fun doing this.

There is still a few items that I want to add to, such as the owl lamps I like, storage boxes for the top of my wardrobe and cloud shelves. But these are only minor elements. I am really happy with how my room turned out. It is a very relaxing and calm space. I also finished it before Uni starts in November!

Goal complete. ?