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New Domain TLDs are here! :D

In case you didn’t know, this year has seen an exciting event take place in the online world. Many new domain extensions TLDs (top level domains) are becoming available for registration. Some of the already available for registration include; .gallery, .email, .photos, .directory, .photography and .graphics (with many many more).

We should all be rather familiar with .com, .net and .org but soon we might all be using .blog for our sites too. I think this is really exciting because with many more different types of TLDs being out there, it means that we can have greater sites build to specific interests. For instance, if you’re a photographer you might use a .photography, .photos or .gallery.

Even though there are many serious or ‘target specific’ TLDs (think .tattoo, .management) there are also many that you can have fun with and be creative with too (like .today, .voyage).

Maybe it’s just for the fact that I do have a domain problem and like looking at them…. >.<

So, what are my favorites so far, and what am I looking forward to most? This could change over time, but right now:

So far I like: .gallery the most
Looking forward to: .blog, .cloud, .dot (xD), .free, .host, .love, .mail (I like this better then .email) and .web

What about you? Are you into domains or considering any of the new ones? :)

I have also been updating my domain inspiration list with new ideas when I think of them.

Domain For Sale: Malfoy.nu

I have decided to put the domain name Malfoy.nu up for sale. I haven’t used this domain since I registered it and thought it could be better off in someone else’s hands. The domain is still registered up until 26th July 2009, so you still get 10 months and can also renew it yourself if you wish. .nu domains are valued at $28.88 USD a year.

If you are interested in buying the domain off me, leave a comment with your offer. Payment will have to be in PayPal and in USD. I will also send the domain to your account via Namecheap.com. Depending on the circumstances I may also host this, but it will depend on any arrangements we have made together.

I am sorry to let the domain go, but I haven’t used it and I don’t think I will. Considering I have domains both for Draco and Lucius. Whore much? :P


So I watched pop stars last night and I am obsessed with Eleven (Nick and Luke) I think they are brilliant I love them thay are so talented. I always get sucked in and become obsessed with things like this, the only thing that is scary is that Australian Idol 2 starts tonight as well I think so they are going to clash if will either be really good or bad, because people will support one and not the other. But I want to support both. Pop stars was the one that started it all the first one and Aus Idol is secound but as far as I know more popular, but if it can promote music it’s all great either way.

I added my secound chapter to my wacky story on http://e-fiction.org it’s a bueat site.

ok with my domain I don’t know what is going to happen, I got an e-mail from the people who I registed it with and they said I can’t close it I have to pay it, so bloody hell I don’t know, maybe I can just swap my hosting over to the other people or maybe I can just hide under a rock. that sounds better :”D

Teddy you can’t leave net world it’s to sad :”( I will cry and then more will cry adn then the whole world will be sad and hugo, hugo will be so upset it wont be funny can you imagine how hurt he is going to be :”(.

Um I don’t have much else to say but, oh yeah dad brought me this beautifyl 17 charm on a necklace it’s really nice *hugs* :”)
Well best me going.
Love to all.

I talked with rob today and she said i should do drama classes because she thinks I would be good at that. But I don’t think acting is my place I’m just to ugly for it and I don’t think i have an actor living in me, and I’m too scared to go to acting classes because I don’t want to make a fool myself pretending to act and it looking like that. But she said I was great when i was little on stage but that was then, I haven’t done it for ages I have no idea how I would go, and it’s a bit hard to be in that position…oh well I’ll see what happens, but it was wonderful talk to her again she is an amazing person I love her to bits.

I forgot to mention last time that dmy made me the beautiful avartor it is soo wonderful and she has been spoling me giving me such beautiful gifts on gaia aww *hugs* you diserve stuff like that but you already ahve everything :”(. I could give you peasant clothes :”(.

Also want to give a huge thanks to teddy for hosting my Murph fanlisting and my lindsee fanlisting because yes my domain is closing down, I might get another one I might not I don’t really know we’ll see what happens, it’s a shame really because I have met some beautiful people from it, Lindsee, teddy Tamanna they are amazing people and I am so greatful to be able to talk to them and I call them friends because they help me feel better and I can talk to them and be myself. they are amazing.

Well next week I will be in syd geting ready for the, no I would be sleeping getting ready for tommorow the big race day.

Oh I just remembered something funny, Neat was up the other night and she was talking about her brother and her cousin and she started thinking of ideas of how she can set me up with her cousin because he is english and he has the type of english accent I like and he’s 20. They will be over in a year and neat said we will have to invite them to my 18th next year I said year that will be the only men probably at the part him and paul, unless Elise you have to bring kevin ok great. I think i could no more guys buy then, damn I better :”(.

I had a really weird dream last night it had the really huge creatures that were like wails and they were in this ocean thing but the water drained away and they were dying. I kept looking at them because they were a creature I had never seen before and then the watter came back and i turned into one of them and I was a baby one swimming along with a mummy one and then nemo was their :”S that was silly but cute :’S/.

I think I covered everyting i needed to say oh opps no I didn’t. Teddy has this amazing site you all need to go to now. www.e-fiction.org very kewl site I submited one fan fic it’s not that good and I love teddies writing it’s really great. :’D

Love always.

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