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Five on Friday: Habits

For this Five on Friday I want to talk about five habits that I have that are predominant in my life at the moment.

  1. Smoking. Not a very good habit and one that I want to change.
  2. Getting distracted. I may start with the best intentions of doing something but I get very easily distracted. Focus, focus, focus!
  3. Sleeping. I love to sleep. I dream so many weird and usual things. Although it may be nice, it doesn’t help to¬†accomplish¬†tasks and is not healthy (to sleep a really loooong time).
  4. Journal writing & daily photography. This is a new habit and one that I am glad I am sticking too. I have been keeping a daily journal (old school writing with a pen) and making sure to take photographs everyday and uploading them to my 365 project profile and on flickr. I don’t always have the best photographs to share at the moment because some days I run out of time (see habit number 2 and 3, also trying to finish designs).
  5. Communication. One bad habit I have is that I am not always good at either communicating with people or keeping in constant communication. It’s not something that I mean to do, and it really annoys me that I loose track of time and suddenly it has been a month since I called a friend or emailed them. Must not let time sleep so easily away.

I also missed blogging yesterday, so I will try and make next weeks post on Geek Thursday an interesting one. *fingers crossed*

Five On Friday: Aussie Musicians

This will be a bit smaller then I would like, mainly because I have a cold and it’s starting to make me pretty blah. Hopefully I will get over it quickly!

I love Australian music, not just because I am Australian (harhar) I just love the whole sound it has. Something about it seems different, maybe because it feels comforting that these singers have the same weird accent as me (;p) or that the whole ‘pub/bar band’ sound really rocks, heh. Or maybe, I am just proud because they are Aussies and have done well, even at least to my own ears. ;D

– I love this band, sincerely and truly. The most often asked question by INXS fans is do you like the old or the new. I don’t believe anyone could ever replace Michael Hutchence he was an incredibly gifted soul and I loved his voice and how well he made a great show. I wish I could have been able to see him before he passed away in 1997, but I was too young. I still like the new sounds as well, but there is a big difference, not a bad difference, just a difference.

Top Five Songs: Mystify, Elegantly Wasted, Never Tear Us Apart, Need You Tonight, Kiss The Dirt (Falling Down The Mountain)

Wes Carr
– Wes is such a unique and talented soul, he really seems to have such amazing magic around him that you can’t help but be drawn to his music that really speaks on many levels. Wes was on Australian idol and won it. Not your typical idol contestant either. He writes and performs his own music and is a blend of folky/pop sounds that really make me feel lightened/lifted and inspired.

Top Five Songs: When We Were Kings, Fearless, Any Other Way, You, Feels Like Whoa

– An amazing rock band that has had many wonderful albums and amazing songs (favourite would be Vulture Street). I was sad when the band announced they would be calling it quits because I really wanted to see them live, maybe I will have a chance another day, I hope so!

Top Five Songs: Sunsets, Since You’ve Been Gone, (Baby I’ve Got You) On My Mind, How Far Have We Really Come, Stumblin

Thirsty Merc
– This band is just all kinds of awesome. I love the way they sound the sometimes funny/sarcastic lyrics and the general vibe of the band. I hopefully will be able to see them live one day!

Top Five Songs: Emancipate Myself, In The Summertime, I Wish Somebody Would Build A Bridge (So I could Get Over Myself), Someday Someday, 20 Good Reasons

Missy Higgins
– Missy has such an amazing voice, it really pure and passionate and seems to radiate whatever message she is singing.

Top Five Songs: Scar, Steer, Warm Whispers, Peachy, Nightminds

I apologise my descriptions for my love for the bands has gone plop, I need to go sleepies now, my stupid head is driving me crazy. :(

Five On Friday: Hotties

I thought I would kick off my first ‘Five On Friday’ with five crushes that I am swooning over. This list doesn’t include my long term obsessions, ah I mean admired gentleman. The likes of Gary, Ryan, Orlando, Ashton, Casey, Brad and the other crew may not be on the list but they are in my heart. Bwahaha. Please hold the line for random fangirling.

Gerard Butler
Maybe it is because I have been watching some of his movies in bulk lately that has brought on the Butler Crush, however, WHOA. *fangirlism* He really is a talented, good looking, well constructed, well equipped human bean (yes I meant to write bean). Plus, his voice is heaven. If he was walking down the same street as you and even if he wasn’t famous I think you would still have to mob him, but maybe that is just me. ;)

Jared Leto
Oh boy. Jared, Jared, Jared. I have to admit I have had a crush on him since I first saw him in fight club and every time I see his face I am captured by the beauty. I know that is shallow, but I can’t help it. He is also talented in the acting and vocal department and I do feel guilty that I spend more time just staring and drooling then appreciating him for his abilities.

Sam Rockwell
Sam is awesome. He is quirky, different, very talented, has a slightly odd voice that I adore and as my Mum pointed out to me he does resemble Gary Oldman in some ways, and probably why I do find myself attracted to him. Sam as Zaphod Beeblebrox wins at life. :B

Josh Hartnett
Okay, so I have not seen a huge amount of his films but the ones I have, I love. There is just something about him that really shines and he is yummy. :P

Hamish Blake
If you are not from Australia you are probably thinking, wtf Hamish who? Hamish is an Australian comedian and part of the comedic duo known as Hamish and Andy. He is funny, adorable and would probably do just about anything. *squishes*

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