Merry Christmas 2013

Merry Christmas to everyone! I hope you had a really wonderful time. Christmas day for me was a nice day spent with my mum and dad. We opened gifts, had some food and enjoyed each others company. Unfortunately dad had to go back to work on Christmas day so that was a bummer. Mum and I also carried on the tradition and watched many movies in the afternoon/night. It has always been something we enjoy, not just on Christmas, but a lot of the time, since I was a child.

I was not expecting any gifts, I was more excited about giving mum her new camera (Canon EOS 600D). She really loved it. So I was glad. However, I did get a lot of cute little gifts (which include a lot of owl things). You could say it was a hoot*.

Get ready for an overload of images below. ;D

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All the things

I have had a bag of things  been sitting in my room for a while that I wanted to photograph and share. Some of these were given to me and others I brought myself. I wanted to share them because they are so cute. Beware this post may be picture heavy.

Christmas OrnamentsChristmas Ornaments. The middle one was a gift from mum and the others (two owls and cupcakes I brought from Big W).

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So the singer said

First order of buisness, I am glad that Wes Carr won Australian Idol. I actually searched on iTunes a few days ago to see if his new single was added, and I stumbled onto two albums he already has on iTunes, well hello! When I get some more credit I will download them. :wub:

Things have been going alright. Dad starts his Chemo next week, but leaves on Thursday. He will be gone for a while, but they might be back on Christmas day, I am not sure yet. I have to mind the fought here. It will be nice to have some time to myself, but no doubt it will get a bit lonely. BUT I shall have enough television goodness to fill that void because I have ordered PayTV/Austar for Mum. They are coming here on Friday to put it in, so that is really great! She thought it was her Christmas present, but it’s more of a ‘take some time and relax’ kind of present, because she is doing so much!

I feel another book splunge coming on, uh oh!


I seee, things!

I got glasses now, I can actually see properly when I am reading and looking at the computer. I love them so. All up it was $300 for the frames and glass. I think that is pretty good because they are snazzy. *hugs them*

I have my laptop now, I love how smoothly things are running, so much better then with my old one, gah. So good to be able to play the sims and not have it crash all the time!

I have had a pretty good week really. I got the loveliest thing in the mail, the sweet Kara sent me a Birthday Scrap Book that had heaps of messages from great people from around TFL network, it was really beautiful and special, how can that not bring a tear to the eye! I also had a talk to a few online friends over the phone, that is always cool. I still don’t know how I manage to keep it together at 5am, maybe I don’t and they just pretend all is normal :P.

The months are counting down. Not long and Nicole will be here, weee. *dances*

Thanks for the birthday wishies. :)


Thats freedom.

Hello everyone, it has been a while since I blogged. I have been doing a few things lately and have not really had the time. However right now, I am making it. :)

I don’t know if everyone knows the stories of the trapped miners in australia (story here) but after 14 nights trapped 1km under the earth in just a small cage, they were finally free today. It was an amazing moment, because they walked free. I am really glad they are ok.

In other news, Prenty and Kendra have decided to let myself and Nicole adopt the Physical Fanlisting network and we have been putting alot of effot into it, so hopefully some time in the near future we shall be able to open it for everyone, stay tuned on that. ;D

I have also updated my Harry Potter collection, with some items I had brought and some that were gifts from Luna.

For now, that is really all I have to say. Thanks for all the comments I will try and return them as soon as I can. :)


This Card has no value, because you are invalid.

God, I have been wanting to blog for a few days but I just haven’t found the time. I have been busy offline and online that I thought I will find the time right now to do it and hopefully return all comments.

What have I been doing in this time? Well the odd this and that, playing on Gaia (User Winter Ice) installing the new MSN 8.0 which is brilliant, still in BETA but I like it. Updating my Harry Potter Collection, for which I got some Wonderful gifts from Alice and Nicole! Alice brought me Draco’s wand, can you believe that? And that Nicole McSweet stuff, brought me a gift voucher at Hottopic, feel the love in the air, oh yeah!

I also finished the Fanlisting for Murder By Numbers and I have finished all on upcoming, that is wonderful. I am waiting to hear about another major things, hopefully I will know in the coming days! *faints*

Happy St Pats day for all the boys and girls, for the other day. To be sure, to be sure. :D

Brought two news cd’s or rather one cd and a single. The Rolling Stones new album and Pinks stupid girls single. I wanted to see that video and I think it’s funny as HELO.

Goodbye and Goodluck! ;D


Lets have a par’tay

Don”t worry about the title, my song was saying it. No parties here! ;) Well I went shopping yesterday, I have a real chair now! Yes a real one that is all comfy and supportive. I love desmond. :D I also brought a few pressie”s for people and sent a birthday present to darling Mel, who shares the same date as meh mummy. I brought her a present as well. I hope she likes it!

Lee”s new cd was in store! I almost died. It wasn”t supposed to come out untill today. There is was looking all puppy eyed at me. I love it! It even gave me the motivation to re-vamp the site. :D

Been-a-domain-buying. I can”t help it. I will have the money for four more, what to buy what to buy! :O *thinks* Love you guys, thanks for zee comments! *heart*


Merry Christmas

I firstly want to wish everyone a wonderful and warm christmas and hope you may be able to find joy and happiness in any way it is celebrated in your home. For me and the rest of Australia it will end very soon but to those in other parts of the world it may have just began.

I did have a truly wonderful day spending time with family and just enjoying those quality moments that are so special. You sometimes don”t realise how it would be so different without a family member that is always there gone, so I have really appreciated the family that is with me and brought them things I hope they liked, and they did :)

I got some beautiful gifts and I adore them all so much!

beautiful bag from my Nanna and Poppie <3

Some great clothes that I will wear to death!

Harry Potter bag omg
A Harry Potter bag :O :O <33 From Mummy and Daddy

LOST SEASON ONE DVD !!11111 I watched all the bonus features today, it made me love Dom all over again. OMG the funny thing about the theme song *snort*

I have been wanting a white suit for years now and I finally got it!! I love mum :D

My Beautiful amazing Timmy friend gave me these wonderful darling things OMG SLYTHERIN YES!!! But also those Black bracelets <3 And A Gryffindor Wrist Cuff I am a traitor :O :D mwuaha. Can you see Eminems eyes, the poster is looking at you :O :D My cat maddy also got in that shot haha. I love Nicole she is a true friend. You rock TIMMY TIMMY.

And this is our tree it has Mr Hankey on it… :P Hey, he is a CHRISTMAS poo ;)

AND after I gotted all my presents and thought, I am happy and don”t think I will get anything else! I found an email that said Teddy The amazing person she is had given me a paid live journal account for 2 months! Plus the addon Icons feature!! Omg That is wow!!!!! It”s weird then you don”t exspect something, today is a good day :) Meh live journal is click If you want to know :) it”s a bit pooeh at the moment but I will sort it”s shit out soon!

Thank you so much to everyone for the lovely comments and all the emails and signs people have made for me I appreciate them so much! I will return all comments tommorow as I want to go and spend some more time with mum and watch a movie :) I feel like I have forgotten something, nevermind :D once again Merry Christmas!!


Lets all go Crazy

Well Hello ;) Thanks for all the comments, the real one and the Psycho ones they made me happy and laugh. Yep I am a domain whore I can”t help it, I have problems *weeps*.

I can”t believe Christmas is almost here, whoa that is so weird! I have only brought something for Nicole and that”s it I am the poo head. But I will get everything… sometime *snort*

I have also turned into a radio whore. Pop Radio owns my soul ;P Oh I changed the layout, it has Colin and he is the Sex! *drools* Woops sorry Draco, you are to baby. <3 Happy Holidays