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Dear Smoking…

It’s time we had that talk. The serious one when I make a commitment and really mean it.

I will quit smoking cigarettes.

For the past 15 years I have been a smoker. I smoked because I thought it was cool. I smoked because it became a habit. I smoked because it felt like a way I was able to deal with stress. I smoked because I was around other people smoking and I smoked because there was no reason, only my body responding to the withdrawal of noxious chemicals. I started small, maybe a few a day and this gradually increased over the years, until recent years, where I was smoking 5 – 10 cigarettes a day. Years ago the cost of smoking wasn’t that high. Now, it is massive. I pay $36.75 for a packet of 40s. Which can last sometimes a week, usually a lot less because of others smoking as well. On average it costs me over $250 a month which is completely ridiculous. Why would I want to knowingly spend so much money on a habit that does nothing only cause problems???!?¬† ~_~

I no longer want to have this vice hanging over me, spending so much money and causing numerous health issues. I don’t want my thoughts to be clouded by such things as; “when can I smoke next”, “how long until I am home so I can smoke”, “I don’t know if I really want one, but I should anyway”, “how can I plan this holiday so that I can smoke easily”. I don’t want to feel that smoking is part of who I am and something I have to do, because¬†it isn’t.

I want to do this because I have found a lot of positive ways to help myself recently and think it would be another way that I can lead a healthier/happier life. The fact that I have been able to quit soda and cut down on my sugar intake is something that I am setting as an example and motivator. I am not going to lie. This is going to be extremely difficult. I am partly scared that taking away something that has been a crutch for so long might have heavy impacts on my mental health. There will be some psychological effects and I need to monitor that they are hopefully subsiding as time goes on, seeing my doctor would also be a good idea. I have to ¬†avoid ‘tricks’ my brain plays,¬†finding reasons to keep smoking or give up. It happened many times when quitting soda, but found the strength to really give up.

I have decided that I am going to approach my quitting by gradually reducing the amount that I smoke and when reduced to a minimal number to remove it completely. I made some free planner pages/printables to help me track and record my progress, being aware of what you are doing and how you are feeling when you are quitting can be really helpful.  :flower:

Every time I resist a cigarette it is a small victory. It is also essentially (with Australian cigarette prices) like giving myself $1 for every cigarette I don’t smoke.¬† $u$ ¬†That sounds good.

If you have quit smoking in the past, I would love to hear your story in the comments.  :hug:

The Month That Was: January 2016

In January 2016, I stopped hosting, stopped drinking soda and dealt with my iMac crash. :o

This month wasn’t as exciting as previous months, with most of my time focussed on Uni and completing assessments. I did make the healthy decision to stop drinking Soda and largely reduce my sugar intake and I have already been loosing weight. ¬†I also decided to focus on saving money and downgraded my hosting to a VPS, instead of a dedicated server. It meant that I had to ask many people to leave and that was¬†not easy. I am hoping that everyone I was hosting could find another online home.¬† :hug:

Next month I would like to make sure that I keep up with creative projects. It was a bit hard this month with my iMac crash and not trusting my old laptop to handle Illustrator, so hopefully February I can make all the things.  ;P I also need to catch up to so many blogs and apologise for not visiting and commenting!  *n*

So long, soda

On January 5, 2016 I made the decision to finally stop drinking soda.   <3 :***:

I had been thinking about this for a long time (it is on my¬†30 before 30) and was finally inspired to stop consuming the fizzy sweetness¬†after watching the documentary That Sugar Film. Not only have I decided to stop drinking soda, but to also be much more conscious¬†of the sugar that is in the foods I am eating and it is in A LOT of things. So many processed foods have large amounts of sugar and its¬†often used as a marketing technique by companies¬†when they mislead the public into saying something is ‘fat free’ when sugar has just been included (in large amounts) to make it taste appealing. I am not a dietitian or an expert in the field, but decreasing my sugar intake is something that I am pleased to be doing.

Bye Bye 2014!

A new year is almost here and that brings 2014 to a close. This year was a strange one. I lost two animals (Tigger & Flapper), started free hosting again, created two new blogs (Cute Magic & Why Blue) and tried not to push myself mentally.

In 2015 I would like to:

  • Make a plan for the future
  • Seek support for mental health
  • Finish children’s book
  • Relearn website design
  • Make a theme for my blog
  • Exercise & eat better
  • Stop drinking as much soda/pop
  • Stop smoking as much

Dad and I will be playing our annual game of cricket in the afternoon (when it cools down). We have been playing this for so long (16+ years I think). Today I was thinking it will be really sad when one day he is not here to play it with me. I am lucky that he is, especially after he had cancer twice.

I hope 2015 will be a great year for everyone. :)

Life and things

There have been a lot of things going on recently. Most of them have been ‘dsjdkhiuhasdajkh DOOM’ but there have also been a few good things too.

I have had ear trouble for the last five months. It started as an ear infection, then turned into something that the last four doctors don’t know what it is (yay). So I have to wait until November to see a specialist. At least twice a month if gets so much pressure/throbbing and builds up with fluid and really hurts. After a while it kind of leaks out. Ew.

My mum went on holiday for two weeks so I had some time to myself. I did miss her, so it was nice to see her when she got back.

My dear cat Tigger who was around 17 passed away. She got very ill and was at the vet for a week. It was first thought she had an infection, but it looks more likely it was some form of bowel cancer. The vet suggested we have her put down, but we couldn’t do it. I wish we had of done that now, because her death was very hard. :(

My dads bird Flapper (who was around 5) also passed away. I am not sure what happened, but he suddenly got very quiet. We brought him inside the day before he died, I checked on him a lot. But he passed away while I was not with him (I don’t like anything to be alone if it is going to pass) so that was sad.

I have made some progress on my ‘mental health battle’. I was able to speak with a health professional who actually listened and seemed to care. So I have a start, in hopefully a good direction.

Kate sent me some lovely gifts, a cute owl friend and a lovely candle that smells really nice. The card was also wonderful! (Image of these under the cut.) THANK YOU!