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Hello world!

Hello there! It has been a while since I have had an active blog, and I am excited to be up and running again with one.ย  :D I was a bit lazy and didn’t create my own theme, but found that this one created byย Caroline Mooreย was too awesome to ignore. There are a few things I have been up too.

  • I have my own business called Klue. Which is all about the design and hosting. ย  :B
  • I am working on a hobby shop that is intended to open on December 1st, called Cute Magic.ย  :wub:
  • I am still enjoying taking photographs and looking at pretty things.ย  ^.^
  • I don’t tweet as much as I used too, but hopefully I can change that.ย  :p

How are you, what have you been doing?

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