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See ya 2013

Another year is almost over and 2014 is knocking on our doors! Hopefully it can be a year where we all welcome the visitor, who will bring many positive gifts.

For me, 2013 was a kind of a difficult year. Not as traumatic as 2012 was, but it was still hard. I faced a lot of challenges with mental health, lost a friend to suicide, lost my dear grandparents dog and lived in a numb daze a lot of the time. However, I was lucky in that I had my parents there for me and two good noodles friends named Nicole and Claire who put up with my craziness and for some strange reason still wanted to be friends. Siriusly Seriously though, they really helped me in so many ways and inspired to give me hope.

What do I want for 2014? I mainly hope that I can settle and try to find stability. I don’t want to make major plans for the future until I am at a place where I am thinking clearly and can handle all that goes with major decisions (take 2012, where I thought my only option was to start a business). I hope that I will reach out for help and keep striving to get to a good place while also still working on creative projects and sharing love with the people I care about.

Now for some kind of random things. :B

Living in a Sandbox

The last few days/week I have been feeling really blah. Very tired, sleepy, sick. Basically depressed. I have been thinking and dreaming about my Nanna a lot (who passed away in May 2010). I miss her so much. :( The fact I can never hug her again, and that the generations after me will never know her is such a huge shame. *sigh* I know they can know her through stories passed on, it’s just not the same as knowing someone.

I took Kitdung and Mogwai to the vet to be de-sexed. Everything went well, except for the fact that Mogwai is actually a boy not a girl ahahah. Fail. I really really thought he was a she. I’ve raised heaps of kittens over the years, but he was a sneaky little boy.

I have been slack with emails and just about everything online. It has been taking me a lot of energy to do anything which really sucks. The stupid internet connection I am using is driving me crazy. It sails a long at 11kbps (arrrrh) and likes to disconnect all the time. Grr.

I was going to get a Mac, it was kind of a spur of the moment thing because I have been wanting one for years (they are sexy). Mum and Dad talked me out of it (at least for now, har har). After thinking about it for a while, I think what I was really wanting was happiness not just a Mac. Because the idea of one opens the doors for happiness and delight. If I can find ways to bring some positives in, I might want a Mac less (or more? Bwahaha).

Hah, I brought more DVDs.

  1. Invictus
  2. Is Anybody There
  3. Gamer
  4. Two Hands
  5. The Haunting In Connecticut
  6. Seventh Moon
  7. The Final Destination
  8. Elizabeth
  9. Elizabeth The Golden Age
  10. The Thaw
  11. Blood Creek
  12. The Princess and the Frog
  13. Old Dogs
  14. The Box

I have been on a bit of a horror movie marathon lately. Sometimes watching them alone is a bad idea. :P Are you on iCheckmovies.com? :D If you are add me, Kya.

Silence this screaming emotion

Dad is home again, he isn’t too well but it will take time. The biggest shock to me was that he needs to have chemo. It shocked Mum as well. They said they believe all the cancer IS gone, but they have to do this to kill any cells that might be wondering around. I know it probably has to happen, I just know it will be a hard road for him. But I will be here to support him, and show my love. I’m pretty much emotionally fucked today. If I wasn’t on anti-depresants it would be an ‘end of the world day’.

I am passing my time today adding more movies to my library. We had brought a stack but I had been too lazy to add them. So I will probably update the online version some time today, or tomorrow.

Poll is still open, vote away if you haven’t already.

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Temporary ‘Classic’ Layout

It seems there may have been problems with old files I had with the comments/functions so I have decided to make the theme again when I have the chance, so this theme might be up for a few days. I know it’s pretty ugly, hopefully I can find some time to do it soon!

My grandfather is home again, Mum and I were rather unhappy about it because he was still very sick yesterday. He hasn’t improved completely but he is getting better, thankfully. It has been a real worry. :(

I watched Juno last night, that movie was really great! I haven’t had a chance to watch a lot of new ones as of late, and I miss being able too, but I am sure I will be able to some time soon, especially some Ryan Gosling ones. ;) *cough*

I’m a junkie, baby

I made a clique for all those that are Domain Junkies, so if you are, join it here: domain-junkies.org. It was quite hard to find an image so went with a text based one instead. The layout is slightly similiar to this one, woops. :P

I watched The United States of Leland, I liked it and was so happy to see Tibet, ah I mean Ryan in that movie after waiting so long. I have been a bit naughty on the good old ebay and have brought the following this month: United States of Leland DVD, The Craft DVD, Virgin Suicides DVD, The Virgin Suicides BOOK, The Joy Luck Club BOO, Breakfast Club DVD, The Faculty DVD and Vampire – The Masquerade Bloodlines GAME. Some things I am still waiting for. Never really been a huge fan of ebay, but I can’t seem to stop now. Woops. I don’t play games that much, but the vampire one has been fun. Its a bit old, but vampires never die, mwuaha.

I need to buy some new CDs as well. Avril’s latest just came out, and I still have some to buy. Tough life, I know. *sigh*

Finally Mine

I am really happy, I finally found a movie I have been wanting for a long time. United States of Leland, it has my lover boy Ryan Gosling in it, and boy it has been on my wishlist, for a few years running now. I was so happy to find it, after so long looking in video stores and online ones, they had 0, so I went with ebay, not always that comfortable shopping there, but they had a good user rating and all that. :) Just have to wait for it in the mail. *wiggles*

Thanks for all the comments on my layout, I really appreciate them. Speaking of new layouts, I also have a new one on my collective which I recently opened as well: dazzle.nu. I am totally in love with the name. :D

I also made a number of new Icons, if anyone is interested they can be seen at spookish.net. I have some more on my computer, but will add them a bit later. :)


I finally have an ipod, for details check here. Her name is Lady, she is white and can hold a whole heap of songs, movies and games. I have some of my fav artists on it at the moment, like INXS and Guns N’ Roses. Dad also brought me a $50 iTunes card, so I can buy some music. I am taking it slow, I don’t really want to spend it all at once. If you have any great songs, you think I should check out, let me know!

A special birthday is coming up very soon. Well two actually! The beautiful Yimin, and one of my best offline friends, Anita. These two wonderful ladies are very precious, and I wish them all the best, and hope they have a wonderful birthday, filled with joy and love, because they deserve the best.

Going to keep it short today, as I keep adding music into iTunes. I am also going to watch V for Vendetta, I think I put off watching this because I dreamt he killed dad, chopped his head off with a whip. Now, I am going to be brave!

What is trouble? You?!?

Well I changed the theme, as you may have noticed. Wanted to bring back Draco or Tom Felton because he is just the best! :)

I am still sick, I actually have Chicken Pox. This is the third time in my life I have had them, the nurse said it was very strange, heh that’s me! :P

I watched Saw II, at home, by myself, while it was dark. I am so brave! *snort*

I will blog again later, I am very tired. Take care!

Goblet of Fire, Read and be Spoiled :O

Well Hello. Finally! Yes Australia is now with the rest of the world. GOF came out on Thursday and I went yesterday. <3. I advise all those who have yet to see the movie to not read a thing more! Do not read It and say I forced you too :P ;)

As a movie as it is I found Goblet of Fire to have everything an exciting, Muggle developed movie would have. It kept your attention it brought some interesting new characters that were great and as the movie, I did really enjoy it a lot and even have the desire to see it again, but I probably will not. Now as compared to the books, well it is just completely different and the loyal witch or wizard all have the right to be upset about it. They took away a lot and seemed to change things around. One scene I was a little shocked about was Harry and Ron using pencils instead of quills??? Um wtf mate, H2o. It was quite annoying.

 I just felt like it had completely taken a step back from the books and previous movies and started to loose the magic of the whole series. They are trying to make it relate to people muggle people and I find that disappointing. I like the individual and strong to connect with you. Although I did like the movie the books are so much more real to me. But at the same time I don’t want to movies to burn out and die, I would love to see some things that happened n HBP in movie 6 ;D The characters. Well I was really shocked by this.

Why did some of the characters act totally different to how they should be? Dumbledore was giving me the shits. I thought I could have written him better than what was going on there. But standouts for me had to be; Draco, Lucius, Weasley Twins, Barty Crouch Jnr (Flicks Tongue ooo sexy :D :D::D:D:D ) , Cedric Diggory (I got tears but didn’t cry I held myself together man!!), mad-eye moody. They to me did a wonderful job oh and of course Ron! I was a little sad Draco wasn’t in it as much because he is my bitch ;) And Lucius, well I never expect many scenes with him but I was happy and thrilled and I loved seeing them together again as a father son duo. They rock it whoa.

Besides falling for Cedric (duh) I thought the twins (Weasley) were so freaking adorable. I am in love with them and I was reading in this thing that I had info in this thing I brought for ;x and they are both PISCES! But what makes it more special is they were born on my mum’s birthday that makes it total uncontrollable love now :D They are not my bitches maybe just my whores.

Other than that my day had been boring and everything I wanted to do didn’t seem to want to go to plan. But we had one of the biggest storms we had ever had here the other night. The power was off for over 18 hours and so many trees along the road had fallen down it was really shocking!

I did buy many presents for the precious yesterday I hope she likes them! And sorry to everyone due to nothing going to plan I didn’t get a chance to post any cards or presents to precious, but I will on Monday :)

Love to everyone especially take care and I hope you are all well (: :F <33

P.S I loved the scene when Snape kept smacking people in the head <3 I so need to make icons now.

P.P.S I love Draco, Lucius, Fred and George oh and Ceddy, Krum, Bloody hell all of them :P

Ghosties right behind the door

Thank you so much to everyone for the comments and not so much thanks to some of the weird comments from Peter Pan, I will not be your tinkerbell crack head freak ;D

I watched a new show that aired here in Oz tonight, it”s called Ghost Whisperer I thought it was pretty good. It”s in many ways similiar to medium. It has a lady who gets visits from those lost souls who need to send messages to loved ones and need a person who can see and commincate with the dead (a Medium) to help them. I do believe they got alot of things right and I love shows like this because I can relate to them (:

I have a pending fanlisting on upcoming or just a pending fanlisting I am freaking out, I tell you. It”s so masive to me I would just be over the moon if I got it. But I am trying not to get to worked up about it because I know I may not get it and yes I don”t want to cry emo tears with Tibet. BUT I also have fanlistings I need to own or I will die Like a certain webmaster ;) And Actor *croses fingers, hands, toes and anything else.*

Keeping with TFL chat I am now also a Trouble Checking in Websites :D I love websites and its not that bigga category so all should be wonderful I look forward to January when I shall be able to do my first check for the new new, damn hiatus *snort*

I am having fun with sending cards, thanks guys who emailed me wanting one I looove sending them so will be alot of fun to get many as well.

Going to see GOF on Friday, woot. I am also going to buy Nicoles xmas present on Friday as well, woo that will be lots of fun fun. And just so everyone knows I have not brought any domains since my last blog, but I think within the next blog I may have…… (: the precious <33333 Thanks guys :) *hugs*’,