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See ya 2013

Another year is almost over and 2014 is knocking on our doors! Hopefully it can be a year where we all welcome the visitor, who will bring many positive gifts.

For me, 2013 was a kind of a difficult year. Not as traumatic as 2012 was, but it was still hard. I faced a lot of challenges with mental health, lost a friend to suicide, lost my dear grandparents dog and lived in a numb daze a lot of the time. However, I was lucky in that I had my parents there for me and two good noodles friends named Nicole and Claire who put up with my craziness and for some strange reason still wanted to be friends. Siriusly Seriously though, they really helped me in so many ways and inspired to give me hope.

What do I want for 2014? I mainly hope that I can settle and try to find stability. I don’t want to make major plans for the future until I am at a place where I am thinking clearly and can handle all that goes with major decisions (take 2012, where I thought my only option was to start a business). I hope that I will reach out for help and keep striving to get to a good place while also still working on creative projects and sharing love with the people I care about.

Now for some kind of random things. :B

INXS Rocked the Train


Train Train

I had an absolutely amazing, wonderful, exciting, BRILLIANT time at the Day On The Green on the 25th January! INXS and Train are two bands that I really love, and to be able to see them both live in the one day and so close was absolutely breathtaking. I was in the second row for Train before someone switched seats with me for INXS and I was right at the front, directly facing them. I could not have been any closer (well, unless I was on stage with them). Because I could go on and on, I’ll keep it simple in point form.

– Heat was so intense sweat was poring off everyone, they even had a ‘mist tent’ set up so people could walk through and cool down.
– A band called The Baby Animals played first, I had not heard of them before and I thought they were good, very energetic and had a strong stage presence.
– Train came out and absolutely rocked my world. Lead singer Pat Monahan has a beautiful voice, strong stage presence and is very funny. He was doing some funky dance movies, making faces and cracking jokes.
– Train singer Pat Monahan jumped off the stage and walked around the crowd, he came past the front and he reached over for a high five so I of course took that opportunity!
– INXS came out in suits (I don’t know how they could handle it, it was so warm)
– They played a lot of classic songs and some of the Switch album. They did play a few mixed versions of old songs, but off the new album (remixed Orgional Sin) I was not pleased with this album but hearing the songs live and being caught in the moment made things seem different haha.
– They had a break, came back dressed in costumes. J.D Fortune was wearing a bull hat with horns, it looked funny but strangely cool at the same time (you had to be there)
– They played an absolutely moving version of Don’t Change which did make me quite emotional, and I could tell moved the crowd and even them while they preformed it.
– J.D throw Vodka over those of us in the front, it was refreshing hahh!

Night was amazing. :O

You can view some photos and videos from the links below, yay. ;p

Train Album, INXS Album, Youtube Profile (videos are slowly being uploaded)

A bit of Happy

I am feeling happy. Mainly related to two big reasons.

  1. I am going to see INXS and Train in January 2011 (tickets ordered today, wooo).
  2. I am in the process of ordering a Macbook Pro, iPad and Adobe Create Suite CS5!

I can’t wait!

Oh a bit of a bummer, I cut my leg on a piece of tin a few days ago (see twitter post) and it is getting sore and red. I may have to have a tetanus shot after all. Icky, but I don’t want it to turn septic and kill me. :0

Five On Friday: Aussie Musicians

This will be a bit smaller then I would like, mainly because I have a cold and it’s starting to make me pretty blah. Hopefully I will get over it quickly!

I love Australian music, not just because I am Australian (harhar) I just love the whole sound it has. Something about it seems different, maybe because it feels comforting that these singers have the same weird accent as me (;p) or that the whole ‘pub/bar band’ sound really rocks, heh. Or maybe, I am just proud because they are Aussies and have done well, even at least to my own ears. ;D

– I love this band, sincerely and truly. The most often asked question by INXS fans is do you like the old or the new. I don’t believe anyone could ever replace Michael Hutchence he was an incredibly gifted soul and I loved his voice and how well he made a great show. I wish I could have been able to see him before he passed away in 1997, but I was too young. I still like the new sounds as well, but there is a big difference, not a bad difference, just a difference.

Top Five Songs: Mystify, Elegantly Wasted, Never Tear Us Apart, Need You Tonight, Kiss The Dirt (Falling Down The Mountain)

Wes Carr
– Wes is such a unique and talented soul, he really seems to have such amazing magic around him that you can’t help but be drawn to his music that really speaks on many levels. Wes was on Australian idol and won it. Not your typical idol contestant either. He writes and performs his own music and is a blend of folky/pop sounds that really make me feel lightened/lifted and inspired.

Top Five Songs: When We Were Kings, Fearless, Any Other Way, You, Feels Like Whoa

– An amazing rock band that has had many wonderful albums and amazing songs (favourite would be Vulture Street). I was sad when the band announced they would be calling it quits because I really wanted to see them live, maybe I will have a chance another day, I hope so!

Top Five Songs: Sunsets, Since You’ve Been Gone, (Baby I’ve Got You) On My Mind, How Far Have We Really Come, Stumblin

Thirsty Merc
– This band is just all kinds of awesome. I love the way they sound the sometimes funny/sarcastic lyrics and the general vibe of the band. I hopefully will be able to see them live one day!

Top Five Songs: Emancipate Myself, In The Summertime, I Wish Somebody Would Build A Bridge (So I could Get Over Myself), Someday Someday, 20 Good Reasons

Missy Higgins
– Missy has such an amazing voice, it really pure and passionate and seems to radiate whatever message she is singing.

Top Five Songs: Scar, Steer, Warm Whispers, Peachy, Nightminds

I apologise my descriptions for my love for the bands has gone plop, I need to go sleepies now, my stupid head is driving me crazy. :(

The soul whispers to the air “breath”

Sometimes things have a way of shocking you. You feel so much is going on, then a huge suprise jumps in and it can really shake things up. On the spirital side of things, it’s really moving quite fast and I feel that I am doing okay. I will be speaking to my new friend again today, so that will be really great. A few days ago I was crying and trying to deal with this whole ‘thing’ but now I am feeling a lot better. I can’t say what it is, because I have to respect peoples privacy.

I have been playing the guitar again! I hadn’t played it in a million trillion years and when friends came over last weekend one tuned it back in, and I was inspired to pick it up and try and remember how to play some old songs. I never really learned a song all the way through, and it has been a while but I think I’m getting the idea of Time Of Your Life by Green Day. We played that in school so many years ago, the first one I ever learned. Sometimes I will just sit with the guitar and randomly strum away while I let words flow from my mouth and just sing, not other peoples songs, but something of my own, perhaps that is flowing deep inside. It really is such a relaxing and amazing thing to do. It makes a weight lift off you. You don’t have to worry about how good or bad your singing is (and I say this as someone who is not a very good singer, and only wishes they could be, haha).

Three books arrived yesterday, I was happy and suprised they arrived so fast. Now I shall just wait for the others. I also will mention briefly that I am working on a new theme for the site. It will probably keep a lot of the basics of this current one, but will have my own images and other improvements that I feel should be added.

For now, that is all. I am feeling a tad hungry. I also apologise for not replying and returning comments. I do have every intention of returning them later today. A naughty Kya I am. :o

I’m a junkie, baby

I made a clique for all those that are Domain Junkies, so if you are, join it here: domain-junkies.org. It was quite hard to find an image so went with a text based one instead. The layout is slightly similiar to this one, woops. :P

I watched The United States of Leland, I liked it and was so happy to see Tibet, ah I mean Ryan in that movie after waiting so long. I have been a bit naughty on the good old ebay and have brought the following this month: United States of Leland DVD, The Craft DVD, Virgin Suicides DVD, The Virgin Suicides BOOK, The Joy Luck Club BOO, Breakfast Club DVD, The Faculty DVD and Vampire – The Masquerade Bloodlines GAME. Some things I am still waiting for. Never really been a huge fan of ebay, but I can’t seem to stop now. Woops. I don’t play games that much, but the vampire one has been fun. Its a bit old, but vampires never die, mwuaha.

I need to buy some new CDs as well. Avril’s latest just came out, and I still have some to buy. Tough life, I know. *sigh*


I finally have an ipod, for details check here. Her name is Lady, she is white and can hold a whole heap of songs, movies and games. I have some of my fav artists on it at the moment, like INXS and Guns N’ Roses. Dad also brought me a $50 iTunes card, so I can buy some music. I am taking it slow, I don’t really want to spend it all at once. If you have any great songs, you think I should check out, let me know!

A special birthday is coming up very soon. Well two actually! The beautiful Yimin, and one of my best offline friends, Anita. These two wonderful ladies are very precious, and I wish them all the best, and hope they have a wonderful birthday, filled with joy and love, because they deserve the best.

Going to keep it short today, as I keep adding music into iTunes. I am also going to watch V for Vendetta, I think I put off watching this because I dreamt he killed dad, chopped his head off with a whip. Now, I am going to be brave!

Section: A, Seat: 11

Oh my fuck. I swear to god that was one of the best things ever. If you are confused I am talking about the INXS concert. (If you don’t know who they are google it, it’s the best way.) Hmm where to start.

The support act Modern Life, played for an hour. They were ok, but it was a bit hard to understand them, and I didn’t know any of their music, so it wasn’t as uplifing. Then, just before they came out TNT by ACDC played on the speakers and it got you going, then the countdown for 10 seconds appeared and for the next hour and forty minutes I was screaming my lungs out. It was so great, he danced all over the place pointed into the crowd, looked our way and did this weird smile (but cute). The funniest thing was, during the whole thing he kept smoking and drinking, I loved that. :P They sang alot of the old songs and the new ones, and it was just amazing. I wish I was still there now! :D

After it had finished and I could not really hear anything, we decided we needed to get our stalking in and went around to the back of the building were a small group was also waiting. A few band members left without coming over and we thought, they are never going to come over. Then Andrew comes over and he was so nice, chatting with everyone and signing things, so he signed my ticket and was just really nice. Then JD comes out of no where and is right in front of me and smiles at me. I go “Can you sign this” and he replied “yeah sure” very brief but so cute. So he signed my ticket as well. :D Then, he went back and sat in his car and told us the place he was staying, we wanted to stalk more, but thought we better stop! :P So the car starts leaving and I wave him off and he waves back. Adorable!

I had a good time besides that, the sad thing that I am sure most people know about by now is the death of Steve Irwin. He was such a legend and I am really in shock about the whole thing. It’s terrible. :(

To chance the mood once again, I did have a good time away. Brought some movies and things, went to the movies and watched You, me and dupree, it was so funny. Owen Wilson, is great. :D

I will return comments as soon as possible, just trying to relax and get back into the pattern of ‘being home’ again.

Lock it in.

Cherie told me I should update, so that is what I am doing! This is just going to be bits of random. I am starting to have an unhealthy obsession with Panic! At the Disco, they are just the love. I also have a vox, if you have one add me. I do not have any invites at the moment, if I do later I could give them away to those that want them. :)

I am thinking about maybe running another domain comp, however this time I think I need to advertise it in a better way. I had people say to me after the other one. “I didn’t know you were running one.” However, I don’t want people to think it’s some time of scam, I guess that happens with free stuff sometimes? :/

Computer, I kick you.

I have been having alot of computer issues lately and it’s driving me mad. I need more ram because it is just not doing things I want. But, I also want new cd’s. If I buy new cd’s instead and my computer is not working properly, what do I play them on? :P I guess ram and cd’s is just too difficult to decide between, so I get both. :D

I have been doing this and that, mainy things involved with the Network, which is almost finished.

I had a dream the other night, that Michael Hutchence told me to ring a bell on thursday, and today is thursday. Just to please my dream hero, I must ring a bell. Maybe it will stop all the small annoying things that have been going on. ;)

Take care everyone.


I forgot something very important! Australia to win the world cup! :D Mwuahaha.