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Nicole is cool

Today I received some adorable gifts in the mail from my dear friend Nicole. So many adorable gifts that I love. I have been a bit spoilt with gifts lately, but I am going to be good and send some in return. I promise. :D


1. Owl tee, 2. 2015 Diary, 3. Owl Journal, 4. Sun & Moon friendship necklace, 5. Owl noodle head cute thing, 6. Hello Kitty reindeer, 7. Hilarious card, 8. Stickers, 9. 2014 Diary and 10. Special message from an adorable boy.

Thank you so so so so so so so so much Nicole not only for sending me these gifts that I love and cherish, but also sending gifts for my mum and dad that they love too. <3 You rock suck forever.

See ya 2013

Another year is almost over and 2014 is knocking on our doors! Hopefully it can be a year where we all welcome the visitor, who will bring many positive gifts.

For me, 2013 was a kind of a difficult year. Not as traumatic as 2012 was, but it was still hard. I faced a lot of challenges with mental health, lost a friend to suicide, lost my dear grandparents dog and lived in a numb daze a lot of the time. However, I was lucky in that I had my parents there for me and two good noodles friends named Nicole and Claire who put up with my craziness and for some strange reason still wanted to be friends. Siriusly Seriously though, they really helped me in so many ways and inspired to give me hope.

What do I want for 2014? I mainly hope that I can settle and try to find stability. I don’t want to make major plans for the future until I am at a place where I am thinking clearly and can handle all that goes with major decisions (take 2012, where I thought my only option was to start a business). I hope that I will reach out for help and keep striving to get to a good place while also still working on creative projects and sharing love with the people I care about.

Now for some kind of random things. :B

Blog Matter

Good news, I have finally opened my project I have been working on, Blog Matter. If you’re a blogger and are looking to gain a little bit more exposure or discover new blogs, Blog Matter can hopefully help you. What does the site do exactly? The main concept of the website is that it is a comment exchange. You sign up and once a week receive an email with blogs to comment as well as bloggers that will comment on your website. I was an active member of similar concepts like this around 2006 and was disappointed that nothing like it popped up again (or that I could find anyway).

I couldn’t have created the website by myself, so I have to thank Claire, Nicole and Tess for being so awesome. :D A special mention should also be given to Alice, Claire, Dismey, Evelyn, Kalliste, Kate, Liz, Nicole and Silver who helped pick the name of the website. Thank you!

«Blog Title for the masses.»

Thank you so very much for the opinions on my previous post, on which Christmas illustrations you liked best. I ordered four different designs, plus a sticker sheet and a notepad. I am excited to see them all when they arrive (I’ll make a post about that with pictures). I don’t have plans to sell them, just to give out. So if you are interested in exchanging cards with me, please contact me.

I would like to wish a very happy birthday to my dear friend Nicole and a belated birthday to Raine. :D

I didn’t end up winning a place in the top three in the competition I entered, but that is fine. I am truly happy that I was a semi-finalist. :D

I walked into the setting sun

Hello everyone, Thank you all so very much for the lovely wonderful comments that those who really cared offered to me, they really mean alot :) I have been lucky and was approved for the Morfin Gaunt fanlisting, those who have read the Half-Blood prince should know who he is :D . I have also been very bored and created a chat bot if you have aim add themalfoyway and Mister Draco Malfoy may through some random spell at you or spell things wrong because he is a bit retarted *snorts*.

I feel like going and commenting on peoples sites because I don’t have much else to do, well that is a lie I have alot I could do but I don’t want to. I miss Nicole I do hope she is having fun on her Holiday, but hurry baaaaaack. And speaking of Nicole I forgot to plug her new domain; fenrirgreyback.org it’s a Fenrir fansite and approved Fanlisting. :s atisfied:

I want to give some special plugs to Elise, Nicole,Kate, Rainie,Luna, Christine Because you all rock suck (that is actually a really good thing, it’s complicated, but it means you rock.)

Take care everyone :s atisfied:

The Dynamics of the Chosen few

I don’t have really that much to blog again so here goes (: gillyweed.net is now back in action which is great, Some of the people are wonderful :s atisfied: I also finished the Serpensortia Spell Fanlisting (: Love that one. I truly hope I get the others I applied to because they are subjects I adore so much, but understand if I can’t :( malfoys.net is also finished now (:

I am going to see some teachers tommorow, I have not done work for a while :( not so good, so hopefully they will keep me in the school. It can be really hard doing it at home sometimes, it’s not that the word is ‘hard’ it’s mainly the fact of self motivation. I can do it well if I want to, however I get bored with it very quickly.

I have to thank Nicole and Elise for helping with the secret project ;x. :s atisfied:

Thanks for all the real comments, they mean alot. And Lord Voldemort I thank you for killing the spammer (: it’s moments like these I appreciate being a Death Eater, thank you master :D

Domain Whore

I have a rather large and disturbing problem, I am addicted to domains. I have purchased two this week :/ well one adorable domain is co-owned with my dear Hitlerpuffs Elise and Nicole and that Domain would be; death-eaters.org so beautiful now I really am a Death Eater ;)

The other Domain I got my paws on is malfoys.net so sexy but what is hotter is Elise’s Snape domain; snape.nu and With Nicoles; lord-voldemort.org we pretty much have a whole clan going on :s atisfied: :s atisfied: :s atisfied:

I have the money for another domain but I haven’t decided yet, might wait a little while. Take care everyone :)

Hear that? The Insanity calls me like a whisper in the night.

:s atisfied: I changed my layout again and it has the lovely, beautiful, playful, hot, wow, Sirius Black. I know I am supposed to be evil but I am failing, Blawdy Hell. I did have oodles of fun taking the screen caps :blush: I love his voice.

I didn’t get approved for the Jason Isaacs Fanlisting, I was sad for a while but thanks to Nicole and Elise I was merry again. I am still hoping to get approved for the others, it would make me very happy.

I have a countdown to the BOOK, thanks to the lovely wonderful Elise who made it and gave it to me, you rock dude. She also changed the layout on My Fanlisting <3 33 Weeeee.

I don’t think I have much else to say, So take care everyone :) :s atisfied:

Welcome to the real world.

I actually have some things to say this time, if anyone watches lost and has seen Hurleys Episode you will be able to maybe somewhat relate to me. I had just finished watching lost and laughing at ?the numbers? when I got up and walked merrily into stupidity and twisted my ankle on the remote control that the cat had knocked onto the floor. I fell to the ground and was laughing and crying as a horrible pain surged through my leg. It had swollen straight away and I thought oh this will go away really soon. Today is now Tuesday and I hurt it on Thursday and it?s the same pain. If I was smart I would probably go to the doctor, however I am not :P I shall live forever with my reminder of Hurley and his wonderful, pleasant, horrible, evil, trying to kill me numbers.

I have gone Fanlisting crazy at the moment, But it is for things I feel really passionate about and have always have a lot of respect for. For Instance Jason Isaacs has always been someone I admire and he rocks my socks. I won?t go into the others at the moment, except the ones I have been approved for. Nicole rocks the world and Her Fanlisting is now in the world of the living, she rocks you know it please join :D you don?t want the dark lord to whip you right? I have also been approved for the Dean and Tim Fanlisting who are on Aussie Big Brother.

I just want to say that in Australia it is winter, for those that live in America and other parts of the world the season you have now is the opposite in the other part of the world. When it?s hot for you, it?s cold for us and vice versa, some people seemed to not know this so I wanted to clear that one up.

I need Harry Potter Robes, A wand and other various things. If I don?t have them I will die on the inside and be like Draco all sad because his daddy is locked away. WAAH.

It?s 9am and I haven?t been to bed, I need to shut up now. :D Shouting out to Nicole and Elise. Why? Because they are some rocking people who I adore with every little happy moment woo.

Ride with it

I would like to say thank you for everyone that left memorable and true posts on my last entry. I am thankful that everyone or at least a majority of people could feel something from what I had written it means a lot to me. So does all your very nice comments about my writing itself. You can only guess how you are appearing to other people and feedback and be your best friend and in some cases your worst enemy.

A very weird event happened tonight. It snowed! To people who live in snowy areas this may not seem like a big event, but where I live it only snows every couple of years and this was nearly one of the biggest falls that I can remember, so it was really good to see. So I was outside in the cold taking pictures getting snow all over me, silly beetle I am :P.

I want to give some Huge loving Hugs to Nicole, Elise, Yimin, Silver and Hilde. Why? Because Nicole and Elise make me smile every second I have a conversation with them and they are just the best. Yimin is just a darling always has always will be. Just as sweet Silver is and I adore her with every little bit possible. What a champion Hilde is she brought some hosting from me, I am no longer a domain hosting virgin.

But I have a special Hug time for one of my dearest, Mel. We run v8fastalk.com together and managed to have another chat with v8 Supercar driver Garth Tander. You might think that it would be a serious matter right? Well? we are not your typical fans and quite mental so asked all the wrong questions at all the wrong times. But we can?t help being ourself and he must have enjoyed himself because he stayed for nearly three hours again, most chats other v8 related sites have drivers with is an hour. I think he enjoys the attention from the girls, but can you blame him we are lots of fun :P

I have a thing for Ryan Gosling again, I can?t help myself I seen him on Lisel?s Icon and was lost in a world of illusion and mystery about wanting to chase him. It?s a sad sad world.

This blog is pretty long I better stop now, thanks to everyone that has been joining gillyweed, plugging it and putting it on your site it is appreciated more than you could ever know :)

Until next time take care everyone :D