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Thank you so very much for the opinions on my previous post, on which Christmas illustrations you liked best. I ordered four different designs, plus a sticker sheet and a notepad. I am excited to see them all when they arrive (I’ll make a post about that with pictures). I don’t have plans to sell them, just to give out. So if you are interested in exchanging cards with me, please contact me.

I would like to wish a very happy birthday to my dear friend Nicole and a belated birthday to Raine. :D

I didn’t end up winning a place in the top three in the competition I entered, but that is fine. I am truly happy that I was a semi-finalist. :D

nothing that exciting OMG WATCH OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:/ wow that was a crazy headline.

Aus Guy says:
u can run
Aus Guy says:
but u cant hide
v8fastalk.com says:
*I cry*
v8fastalk.com says:
no I wou;fn’t do to well at the moment I’d faller ober.
v8fastalk.com says:
shit. I know I can spell.
v8fastalk.com says:
faller ober <44 :) >8Fastalk.com

Wow I am so tired. I have been workiog on the site for neally 18 hours straight. It’s true ask Tamanna, Teddy, Yimin and all the other poor people annoyed untill they were um tired?

And I have to Thank Tamanna so much for helping me and Terry again for being so amazing and giving me the opertunity to show my true appreciation for v8 Supercars and together me and Mel will blast this world mwuahahahahaha……opps I gave away to much of my evil ways.


I thunk I will rucuvur frum thut buy buung a kiwu :)
luv unwuys Kusss!!!

vufusttuk cut cum.

Lucky to have…..

I would like to thank all the important people I have in my life at the moment! These people mean so much to me and I want them to know because they have helped me so much without even knowing truley how much!.

Mum, Neat, Elise, dad, Jen, Cherie, Nanna, Poppy, Paul, Marinela,Tamanna, Teddy, Lindsee, Rosie, Dan, Tracey, Maree, Mark, Yimin,

These people above are the mane people I talk to in my life once a week or close to or when i meant them my friends I have here I feel so happy, I am myself and they except me for that! Without these people I would be very confused and maybe not even here! So I truly thank them and I am truley sorry if I have forgotten anyone due to my stupid brain.

I also want to thank everyone I have the chance to talk to who is nice to mee. There are alot of special people in the world and I have talked to some that could easily fit into that category thank you for all of your time that you spend with me it is very much appreciated.

Love always kass.


I am going to syd tommorow and I don’t have a thing packed I always do stuff like that wait untill the last minute I get it from dad so it’s not my fault right…:”D. I watched the believer again today not good, not good at all I should not watch movies they effect me to much! Now I have this thing were I want to write or create this nazi character, I am saying this from out side my own veiw I hate what hitler did I really do!! But I just want to create this cahracter everyone hates, not me, ok now I have confused myself. anyway…..

I had this really weird dream last night I was in jail. But it was like weekend jail because i was aloud to go out and talk to people but then I had to go back again and I remember I was in jail because someone stole some of my writing and then they accused me of copywriting them and I was sent to jail so I was planning to kill them in jail and I got these group of friends and on my times off I would hang out with them and we would deicide how it would be done. And I remember the jail it was weird bars and then someone got caught in the middle of on and they were really sore. And then i remember I was trying to get into a car and someone was closing the door with my leg outside the door and I kept screaming. jeze i have warped dreams really I do.

Ok well good luck mr Murph for SUNDAY WOOOO. I still haven’t found my mobile that makes me really sad :”(.

I have applied for four fanlistings today, A webmaster fanlisting for Tamanna and Teddy and tv personality one for Nick and Luke so woo. it’s all good :”D.’
Anyway that’s enough from me I don’t want to bore the world, I’m already half asleep.
Long live LOVE. :”D

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