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Posted by on November 16, 2013 in Random.
Birdies, yay

Thank you so very much for the opinions on my previous post, on which Christmas illustrations you liked best. I ordered four different designs, plus a sticker sheet and a notepad. I am excited to see them all when they arrive (I’ll make a post about that with pictures). I don’t have plans to sell […]

:/ wow that was a crazy headline. Aus Guy says: u can run Aus Guy says: but u cant hide v8fastalk.com says: *I cry* v8fastalk.com says: no I wou;fn’t do to well at the moment I’d faller ober. v8fastalk.com says: shit. I know I can spell. v8fastalk.com says: faller ober 8Fastalk.com Wow I am so […]

Posted by on May 5, 2004 in Social.

I would like to thank all the important people I have in my life at the moment! These people mean so much to me and I want them to know because they have helped me so much without even knowing truley how much!. Mum, Neat, Elise, dad, Jen, Cherie, Nanna, Poppy, Paul, Marinela,Tamanna, Teddy, Lindsee, […]

Posted by on April 2, 2004 in Personal, Social, Writing.

I am going to syd tommorow and I don’t have a thing packed I always do stuff like that wait untill the last minute I get it from dad so it’s not my fault right…:”D. I watched the believer again today not good, not good at all I should not watch movies they effect me […]