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Five on Friday: Habits

For this Five on Friday I want to talk about five habits that I have that are predominant in my life at the moment.

  1. Smoking. Not a very good habit and one that I want to change.
  2. Getting distracted. I may start with the best intentions of doing something but I get very easily distracted. Focus, focus, focus!
  3. Sleeping. I love to sleep. I dream so many weird and usual things. Although it may be nice, it doesn’t help to accomplish tasks and is not healthy (to sleep a really loooong time).
  4. Journal writing & daily photography. This is a new habit and one that I am glad I am sticking too. I have been keeping a daily journal (old school writing with a pen) and making sure to take photographs everyday and uploading them to my 365 project profile and on flickr. I don’t always have the best photographs to share at the moment because some days I run out of time (see habit number 2 and 3, also trying to finish designs).
  5. Communication. One bad habit I have is that I am not always good at either communicating with people or keeping in constant communication. It’s not something that I mean to do, and it really annoys me that I loose track of time and suddenly it has been a month since I called a friend or emailed them. Must not let time sleep so easily away.

I also missed blogging yesterday, so I will try and make next weeks post on Geek Thursday an interesting one. *fingers crossed*

Smile into my eyes

Dear DVD Mulit Recorder,
I changed the layout of this again, I know I am terrible always changing things but that is the way I am. Nothing more nothing less. Not long untill it’s go for Race time it’s so exciting and bloody scary at the same time. I never thought how horrible it would be if something happened to any of the drivers that would be such a horrible thing to happen. As much as I say I hate Ingall I wouldn’t want anything to happen to him. eww now I feel all eeky I was talking about Pringall in a light mannor quick I need to escape that.


Much better. Ok I forgot to mention last time the Kelly Boys or Gang or whatever which way you would like to see it have this really rockin thing called ta da the Kelly Diaries it’s so bloody funny and great quick to go Todds Webby and check it out. I think it’s great thet show personality because we don’t always see that it brings the whole concept of racing and identity closer.

I added some more poems at my Poem Log Jurnal (poetic_winter ((sorry I had to plug that :P ))

I just want to say a massive big thanks to the following people because I talk to them most nearly everyday and without them I would not have a smile from ear to ear. Mel Yimin Tamanna Levo Alex Teddy Sarah I am sorry if I have forgotten anyone because I can be a dill as you know so please forgive me.

I need to stop smoking my throat feel funny I don’t like the feeling at all it’s my own fault because I am an idiot, I don’t know what it is something about winter that just makes me want to smoke. I guess it was probably all the times at High school I used to stand in the rain at the bus stop with a fag in my brain and it just stuck in my mind. I guess also then I felt really happy because I thought I had everything, friends happiness “popularity” and it was just something. I don’t know I think I am just insane.

Love and Hugs to all.

[edit] I just noticed I said fag in my brain man that would have been painful I was going ok with the spelling untill then <333 I love how I always make mistakes. [/edit]

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