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I recently brought a ScanNCut cutting machine, which allows you to scan and cut shapes and patterns with great precision and awesomeness.

I have always fancied the idea of being able to cut out my own designs, to create stationery and stickers. I could do this by hand, but I have found my ability to be precise and consistent is not so good `-` .  I had seen various machines that could cut paper and do really cool things, but never actually decided to invest in one. That changed last week. I am currently studying a typography class and a lot of work I am doing for a project requires working with paper and cutting letters.

After taking a trip to a craft store to look for various supplies, I discovered the ScanNCut machine and thought it would be perfect!   :***:

kikki.K Planner

I have finally taken the plunge and joined the planner community, with my new kikki.K Planner.

I had been considering getting a planner for some time and always admired many of the designs available on kikki.K, but never found one that I thought ‘omg need’. Until, I saw the¬†V√§nskap (cats) collection. So much awesome, I couldn’t resist. I also decided to get a few extra things, like some pens, stickers,¬†post its, planner kit and sticker book. I don’t like having a diary or journal that is really large, so I felt the medium size was the best option. I love it!¬† :wub:

Veeeery image heavy.  :blush:

Blog Birthday & Giveaway

Today my blog turns 10 and to celebrate I am holding a stationery giveaway!  :cake:

Ten years ago on the 13th of May 2006, a 19 year old me registered the domain kya.nu. In my first blog post, I wrote that it had been a wishlist domain for a while. I think the greatest thing about looking at that first entry is the people who commented, a number of them are still good friends with me today!

Throughout those ten years, there has been tremendous change. I lost loved ones, helped family battle illness, struggled with my own mental health, made friendships, lost friendships, started university, wrote a book and finally within the last few years found positive influences that enabled me to finally see a future for myself. I feel optimistic about what lies ahead and look forward to sharing that journey on my blog.

The Giveaway

Kya's Blog Birthday Giveaway

Kya’s Blog Birthday Giveaway

Christmas Card Design 2012

Each year I love to design my own christmas cards and have them printed. This year I designed a card featuring three giraffes. It is a lot of fun to create your own cards and see them printed, I think it makes the whole process of sending them even more special. The christmas card was designed with Illustrator, however I have still not had them printed (I better hurry I know). Hopefully in the next few days I will.

What do you do for christmas?
Send cards, presents or something else?  :)


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