Free WP Theme: Santa 2013

screenshot I have made a free Christmas inspired WordPress theme of Santa that is free for anyone to use. The design is rather simple (as I have not designed with WordPress for a long time), but I still wanted to share this. If you notice any problems, please let me know (preferably via email – I hope that anyone that does use it will enjoy it. *hug*

You can see a live preview of the theme or download it and use on your website? :B

I plan to make some more free themes, maybe even another christmassy style one as well. It was fun to make this. It was much like making an interactive illustration in a way, that people could use in a cool way. :D



New Project + Design Update

I have decided that I am going to work on an online project that I have thought about for years. At the moment I am not going to give a lot of details away, other then it is community based and hopes to help some people, well website owners. It’s not hosting related, just something else. I am interested in finding people that might be able to give opinions on various things, so if you are please let me know. :D Why am I doing this? Well, I thought it might be a good idea to try and focus on something, something that can be positive.

I have been playing with the design I made in my previous post and made some changes. Mainly to the CSS and changed the header image to something very simple. I have a lot of fun playing with the colours in the CSS. Next time I want to make more changes to it, add some icons and polish it up a bit more (the sidebar menu links need to be changed, I find them annoying. :P). So far I have been enjoying working on the design.


I have also been a bit slack on my other blog Moon, but hopefully will catch up on it soon.



Stepping back into web design

I haven’t created my own website design for a long time. Part of the problem has been that I have expected myself to create WordPress themes, and to include the post styles, have cool features, be responsive, follow current trends and be as great as themes other people are selling. I realise that if I am going to put that kind of pressure on myself I would probably never create a web design again. So I am going to step back into it gradually, make it fun and try and find that joy in making websites that I used to have.

I decided to make a really basic ‘cute’ design. Just to freshen myself up, become familiar with how I ‘code’ and ‘design’. I wanted to do this without any pressure, so I am just making it to enjoy the process. I want to continue to work on it, and see where it goes.


This is what the design looks like at the moment. It is very basic, and I mainly played around with the css colours and html structure. What I would like to do next time is add more general styles, mix it up with more content and maybe change the small header image. I always enjoy adding textures to different elements but don’t want to over-do it.


The Tale of a Bad Blogger

Me and blogging have been on a major-fail relationship at the moment. I have been busy with caring, getting used to Mac, working on websites for people on a semi professional level and trying to keep up with everything. School starts soon and I am excited about this and a little nervous but that is probably good.

NaNoWriMo…… I wrote 500 words, since then little else has arrived. Whoops. Another year, another BOING. It’s not over yet…. :P


Temporary ‘Classic’ Layout

It seems there may have been problems with old files I had with the comments/functions so I have decided to make the theme again when I have the chance, so this theme might be up for a few days. I know it’s pretty ugly, hopefully I can find some time to do it soon!

My grandfather is home again, Mum and I were rather unhappy about it because he was still very sick yesterday. He hasn’t improved completely but he is getting better, thankfully. It has been a real worry. :(

I watched Juno last night, that movie was really great! I haven’t had a chance to watch a lot of new ones as of late, and I miss being able too, but I am sure I will be able to some time soon, especially some Ryan Gosling ones. ;) *cough*


Goodnight moon goodbye sun.

My computer is driving me insane again, but I have some very good news. Dad will be giving me $2000 AUD to get a new one! I’ll be so relieved to have something that works properly and that has a screen in working order. I have some idea of the type I will be getting – One from Dell with nifty elements like a 360gb hard drive and 4gb of ram. I wouldn’t go for anything less now. I am thinking about getting a Digital Camera at the same time because I really miss being able to take photos and document the life around me. I took a lot of photos of my cat Witchypoo before she went missing and I feel scared in case another should go missing and I couldn’t take more photos of them. I guess I have to decide between getting a Camera that will be very useful and rewarding in it’s own way or having an extra $200 for websites and random other online needs.

I have been doing a lot of thinking of late and decided I am going to open a hobby site to do designs for other peoples websites. I enjoy playing with CSS, no I would say I love CSS and I feel confident when I am creating designs, so why not make them for others? They would all be valid XHTML and CSS and for a variety of different forms, like WordPress, standard web templates and maybe small fanlisting designs. The idea of this is for it to be fun and not overwhelming so I am going to take it slow and not swamp myself with it. It could take a few months or longer to get it together but I will keep everyone updated. I have also decided on a domain for it, that I own. But unfortunately if I tell you, I have to kill you.

I guess it would be a good idea to get a little bit of feedback. So if you are willing please answer me the following questions in a comment:

  1. How much would you pay for a general website or WordPress Template?
  2. How much would you pay for XHTML and CSS validation for each page of your website?
  3. Do you like designs that are; Creative/Imaginative, Clean/Professional, Basic/Simple or other?
  4. Would you pay extra for an image with your design or prefer to create your own?
  5. Any comments?

At b a11 fo noez.


In grave danger, you are.

Happy Birthday to Kara for the 12th I hope you had a wonderful day. *snuggle* It’s amazing how many people have birthdays during November, and how many of them are great friends. *high fives*

I have also added a section to the website for those who would like to order website design. I have placed a fair price on what I believe my time and effort is worth for different tasks, WordPress themes from $15 and XHTML site validation from $5. You can view this page for more information.

I have also added a blog to Dazzle so I can keep a record of what I am doing, and I kept getting the urge to be able to blog on the site, so now it’s done. I am also still working on Cupcaked. The slow, I am. *sobs*



haha I don’t know why I made that but I was feelng to love of Colin and I had too razz anyway not much has been happerning but I have decided that maybe tommorow I will ring my school and tell them I want to do all my remaning courses but take them over two years, yes I know I will be like 20 when I finish school but it’s better then something else. But then if I want to finish them early I can do as much as possible. I also really need to do the IT one because I desperatly want to get into web design properly. It’s just so interesting I love it to bits!!!!

Anyway I better go before the storm does another black out and I loose this entry, eek. Thanks for all the welcoming messages it’s very much appreaciated *hugs*