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New Theme (Orca)

Hello again! I recently took my site offline for a few days while I changed the theme and made changes to many of the pages throughout the site.

The theme is awesome. It is called Orca, created by EckoThemes and purchased via Themeforest. I love that it is very spacious and ‘clean lined’. I wanted a design that was new, fresh and squeaky clean. I had intended to create a theme of my own the next time I wanted a change… maybe after this one. :D

New Project + Design Update

I have decided that I am going to work on an online project that I have thought about for years. At the moment I am not going to give a lot of details away, other then it is community based and hopes to help some people, well website owners. It’s not hosting related, just something else. I am interested in finding people that might be able to give opinions on various things, so if you are please let me know. :D Why am I doing this? Well, I thought it might be a good idea to try and focus on something, something that can be positive.

I have been playing with the design I made in my previous post and made some changes. Mainly to the CSS and changed the header image to something very simple. I have a lot of fun playing with the colours in the CSS. Next time I want to make more changes to it, add some icons and polish it up a bit more (the sidebar menu links need to be changed, I find them annoying. :P). So far I have been enjoying working on the design.


I have also been a bit slack on my other blog Moon, but hopefully will catch up on it soon.

Blog shuffling again

So I decided to shuffle things around again and now have my blog back on a self-hosted WordPress and plan on using it as a personal blog, as it has been for a long time. I was rather inspired by Liz and how honest her blog is and thought that I should really do that too. I also decided to restore all of my old blog posts (from 2003 onwards). Many of these older entries are pretty crazy, but they are mine and I shouldn’t hide from them, at least I know I have grown as a person (… hopefully).

Because I haven’t designed a website for a long time (let alone a WordPress theme) I decided to purchase one. So I brought Keilir which I think is rather awesome and should work well until I decide to make my own theme again.

I have kept the previous posts I was making of daily inspiration/creative things and moved those to moon.nu which I will still continue to work on.

There hasn’t been a lot going on at the moment, or rather nothing exciting. I am trying to deal with a lot of mental health issues, that I might address later.


Brief Blogeo

This is just a quick blog to point out the fact the layout has been changed. I had actually brought a theme, then decided to use a HTML template I had made a little while ago and turn into into a WordPress theme and add some features. It’s simple, but I like it (so far). I might consider offering it for other people, but not sure if anyone would use it? :i

I have a blog post planed, mainly about reflection and what I want to be able to do in life (break free of the fear). The inspiration for it? My birthday is tomorrow and I am turning 24, feels so weird. o_0

I am working on revamping the content. So far I have fixed About me, 50 books, domains and geek. I want to finish off the me section and get into the goodies as well. That is really bad and has a number of dead links. :(

What happend to the blog?

A few weeks ago I was going really well with blogging everyday for a whole week and I enjoyed it. Starting Monday I hope to continue again and have fun making myself update. ;)


A cute cupcake. I plan (or had?) to use this design as a template for something I will use for my online shop (whenever I actually make it, heh. I have things to sell, I just haven’t found time to get my things together, bummer). x:cupcakestraw:


Book loves you! :’)

Now, back to work on various things. This was mainly an excuse to say I will be blogging again soon, and to share some art. Bwahaha.


I have a new kitten and her name is Mogwai (not named after the band, but the cute little creators from Gremlins). She is black and white and has huge eyes. She is so small and a teeny tinny bit weird looking. I shouldn’t say weird, I mean unique. Rascal is not so friendly with her at the moment which is a great shame. I thought they would be good friends, so I hope they will be (once he gets over his rough playing and wanting to suffocate her, eeek).

I have imported all my old blog entries from 2003 onwards. When I opened my blog again in 2009 I didn’t add them because I felt embarrassed by the majority of those entries and wanted to hide them. After thinking about it, I thought no. These are a part of me and I should keep them on record to show how I have developed and grown. Not very exciting for you the visitor, but it is a nice feeling for me to know my blog has a ‘complete history’.

I have managed to find time to work on my school studies. It is nice to put effort into a subject and really try your best. This is all so new to me because I have never tried hard with my education before. I treated it more of a joke and something to pass the time then a stepping stone into a future that I can love and celebrate. I guess I have just matured a lot in this short time.

My room is such a tragic mess I seriously need to clean it and the house. With so many cats (six) their fur can really be a nightmare. Hello Mr Vacuum, the one I despise the most.

My birthday is in four days, I find it so strange that time has passed that fast and I will be twenty three. Most birthdays I have thought I felt a lot younger then the age I was turning, but this year I feel like mentally (in some ways) I am that age. I am not sure if I like that or not.

Here are some questions.
1. Do you have any animals? If so what are there names.
2. Do you keep all of your older blog entries?
3. Are you currently in school, how do you keep yourself motivated and on track?

You can’t hide your soul

The site is acting weird at the moment, so I apologise to anyone that has visited and found a blank page. It really is starting to annoy me and I hope my host Surpass can help me. >:

I have a question, that I hope people may be able to help me out with. I currently host fanlistings and fanlisting collectives at Fan Magic, but I have been feeling that it would be fun to host more people (for blogs and random other things), and what is the coolest domain to host people on, well of course a .nu! But, I need a name for such a domain, so I am open to peoples suggestions because it will be about other people.

Comment with your ideas on the type of domain you would want to be hosted on. For instance something.nu, you get the drill! :) You can tell me a name, or a general direction! There are many .nu domains avaliable so I am sure a suitable name can be found.

I know I have a lot of things to do, but sometimes you get these ideas and know they would be a lot of fun, plus help others as well. I do love to host people and learnt that paid hosting was not my thing, but free hosting is just as fun without the stress and hassle of having money involved! I still care about the people I host as much as if they were paying customers. :wub:

Mr Cloud, in the house

This is going to just be a brief post, I have changed the layout again. I had been working on it for a few days and wanted to create something original (as in, with my own art) rather then purchase images, because you can’t always get the perfect fit, and it makes it a lot of fun to explore and expand your imagination and to create adorable little friends. :wub: I will also have to fix up a few random issues around the place, but should have that finished pretty soon. Hope everyone likes it as much as I do at the moment. :blush: