Blog Matter

Good news, I have finally opened my project I have been working on, Blog Matter. If you’re a blogger and are looking to gain a little bit more exposure or discover new blogs, Blog Matter can hopefully help you. What does the site do exactly? The main concept of the website is that it is a comment exchange. You sign up and once a week receive an email with blogs to comment as well as bloggers that will comment on your website. I was an active member of similar concepts like this around 2006 and was disappointed that nothing like it popped up again (or that I could find anyway).

I couldn’t have created the website by myself, so I have to thank Claire, Nicole and Tess for being so awesome. :D A special mention should also be given to Alice, Claire, Dismey, Evelyn, Kalliste, Kate, Liz, Nicole and Silver who helped pick the name of the website. Thank you!



New Project + Design Update

I have decided that I am going to work on an online project that I have thought about for years. At the moment I am not going to give a lot of details away, other then it is community based and hopes to help some people, well website owners. It’s not hosting related, just something else. I am interested in finding people that might be able to give opinions on various things, so if you are please let me know. :D Why am I doing this? Well, I thought it might be a good idea to try and focus on something, something that can be positive.

I have been playing with the design I made in my previous post and made some changes. Mainly to the CSS and changed the header image to something very simple. I have a lot of fun playing with the colours in the CSS. Next time I want to make more changes to it, add some icons and polish it up a bit more (the sidebar menu links need to be changed, I find them annoying. :P). So far I have been enjoying working on the design.


I have also been a bit slack on my other blog Moon, but hopefully will catch up on it soon.


Brain Slime

Study Sleeping

The past week (all my life) my brain has been anywhere but in my body, especially my head (refer to the #mybrainhasmeltedoutofmyear tweet). I wish it would not choose the moments where I have to focus to run away on me, without even leaving a note. :0 I can’t blame it for everything I know, at least 30% of the problems for it not being there are my fault. Giving it to much to think about, not giving it enough, not feeding it, not letting it sleep for long enough, letting it sleep for too long. I am a bad brain owner. I am sorry brain… most of the time, but in the end if I am not sorry I pay for it, don’t I?

I currently have to focus on:

  • Assignment 2 for NET102, Due Monday 24 Jan
  • Assignment 2 for WEB101, Due Friday 28 Jan
  • Renovating my room, now have a major mess and no bed – so soon as possible
  • Work on Bubble (some major stuff, shh), Soon as possible
  • Preparation for Poppy coming home, 5 or 10 Feb-ish
  • INXS/Train Concert, Tuesday 25 Jan

There seems a million more things when what I actually have to do and I am trying very hard to focus and put everything into perspective and ORDER. The assignments are my main issue right now and it is my fault I left them too long. It was one of those ‘hey I have a week, I have so much time, yay’ that turned into ‘OMG WHAT A FEW DAYS WHY YOU DO THIS’ situations. o_0 I did get my results from assignment one in both net102 and web101. Heh, I am not exactly pleased with my result, but at least from the comments I can work on improving. 60% for net102 and 53% for web101. Not so great. :x _x

So I am wasting more time blogging instead of working on my thesis statement for the essay? :l

Also, happy birthday Kate and you can also socially stalk me via!


Let the shadows sing

How has life been? let me place it into point form.

  • The mouse is gone (yipee, and I did not kill it!).
  • My Nanna had a bad turn again recently so it has been stressful lately.
  • I have been cleaning the crap out of my room and getting rid of 15 years of junk.
  • I went on a book buying spree, hehe. Those are just awesome.
  • Bubble is running a competition for Halloween.
  • My computer charger died, I still haven’t brought a new one so have been stealing Mums.

I still have so many things on my to-do list. Don’t you just hate when that happens? x|



9/9/09 Spooky? It could be. Spooky in that Threadless decided to have a $9 sale on all there shirts, then their server died and they had to go into maintenance mode. I think it’s a good thing. I wanted to buy some, my hands were in grabby motion, but my bank account said: NO. Then Surpass decided to have a 99% off on their Bronze reseller so you pay $2.93 for a year, yay. I brought one, then realised I shouldn’t have because I need things on the same server with creating subdomains. Whoops. :!

I have plans for a comment exchange website, this will be associated with Bubble but open for everyone. I am excited about it.

Downloaded a trial version of Photoshop CS4 and I love it! Now I need to save the $1000+ to purchase it. Photoshop is so much better than Paint Shop Pro. I realise this now (it has only taken, what 7 years?) and am amazed at how much easier it is to make graphics. I wish it wasn’t so expensive though, or there were options to pay it in instalments or even monthly licenses so more people could use it instead of downloading illegal versions or swapping serial codes.

I visited my Nanna yesterday. It was so wonderful to be able to spend a few hours with her. Talking and enjoying her company. We might be able to bring her home for a weekend. It is a lovely idea and also a little intimidating at the same time. As long as I am there for them, that will be fine. <)

This entry is pretty random. :3


September Already?

Just a quick blog before I have to go and check on my Poppy and make sure he is alright for the night.

I realised today was the first of September and it kind of spun me out. This year has gone so fast and soon it will be gone and 2010 will be here! It made me kind of annoyed with myself too, for not having any plans and goals I had set for myself completed. Well, the major ones anyway (like having books published).

I have been waking up early and heading to bed at a resonable hour lately. Strange, very strange.

I have been working on my online portfolio like a mad women and everything is finally coming together. I have been planning this for over a year. *rolls eyes*



Tonight my heart well it broke like glass

It turns out that day may indeed have cancer, but hopefully it can be fixed easily. It doesn’t trip the fact that I am still shaken and nervous about the whole thing, but I feel like he will be okay and I really hope so. He will be off work for a while so I can look after him. :wub:

I revamped my domain collective, the old layout was really ratty and horrible and I was ashamed of the rush in which it was created before. Now it has a cute little character I created who I hope looks something like a cupcake. XP

My friends the blank comments are back! I have found errors in my error_log though which may give me some direction and idea about the issue. If worst comes to wost I might just pay someone who is code/WordPress savvy to fix the problem.


In grave danger, you are.

Happy Birthday to Kara for the 12th I hope you had a wonderful day. *snuggle* It’s amazing how many people have birthdays during November, and how many of them are great friends. *high fives*

I have also added a section to the website for those who would like to order website design. I have placed a fair price on what I believe my time and effort is worth for different tasks, WordPress themes from $15 and XHTML site validation from $5. You can view this page for more information.

I have also added a blog to Dazzle so I can keep a record of what I am doing, and I kept getting the urge to be able to blog on the site, so now it’s done. I am also still working on Cupcaked. The slow, I am. *sobs*


Hard Act To Follow

I am not going to blog about Gaia Online this time, swear on it.

Witchypoo my cat has still not been home. This makes it 20 days now. I have been dreaming about her every night and some of the dreams have been disturbing, I just want to be able to cuddle her again. It drives me insane. She is such a beautiful girl, and has always been one I connected with the most (besides Oscar). She would get on my bed almost every night, and always loved cuddles, even if she was a Diva I loved and LOVE that about her. Come home you little bitch. *gonk*

I have been keeping myself busy. I am working on a big change to Tehlove and it’s going to be awesome. But I won’t say anymore. One thing in the hosting world that has annoyed me. Namecheap is going to raise the price of their domains. I will still get a discount, but it sucks because I will have to raise mine as well. Never a fun thing to do.

I also have my writing collective up now. I think its alright. If you would like to view some of my writing you can head over to, yep another .nu domain! Not that much on it at the moment, but I am sure that will change! :)



Gah, I am so angry and upset at the moment. After my new found excitement for Gaia, my account has been banned. Botted gold :/ . Not me botting, someone else, and given to me in exchange for items or hosting, either which I have no idea. I have contacted Gaia, but I doubt they will unlock my account again, not from stories I heard about other people who fell in the same boat. I guess I will have to just get over it and move on from the site, just upsetting after all the time and money spent on monthly collectables and cash for items in the store. I thought maybe I can go back and create a new account, but I just lost the heart for it, dead and gone. Afterall its just a forum with a cute virtual character that is not real, and adoreable items. :gonk: I’ll just take gonk with me and be gone.

Besides that, I made a new layout on my fanlisting collective and created a new domain, a clique about Hogwarts. You join and select a house and can link it on your site if you like. Show your love for Hogwarts and your house. :) I had fun making the layout, I always wanted to make something like that but could never do it, so am a little proud!

Happy (wtf I wrote Harry at first) Birthday to Elise for the other day, I hope you had a lovely day, now you are all old and stinky. :P

And that will do for today!