Sun comes up sun goes down.

It is really amazing how much time a site can take up. I have been doing alot but you can hardly tell I’ve done anything. Mum went to take poppy to the doctors yesterday because he will be having his operation today I hope it goes well, i’m sure it will.

Neat came up today after she went to work, we had fun watching v8 superstars again I forced her to look at my website :P well i didn’t force I just asked nicely haha. Then Fiona rang up, I had to go and I felt bad about it I actually felt like talking to her :/ .

eeee not long now untill that time I can go a seeing the sights and stuff. Now I have a problame. I am torn between two different shirts or jumpers or whatever the hell they are. I have to choose between the Murphy Microfleece thingy or the Todd Mens shirt :P I hate the girly one I am more manly *talks deeply* and it looks nicer and plus it WILL BE FRICKEN FREEZING!!!!!!!!!!!!.

I am so bored at the moment and I feel like I can’t breath properly :/ *rings quite line*

Oh I want to shows something funny I can’t remember if I did or not already :/ oh well I have to or I will die.
you have to see this!!! :p


nothing that exciting OMG WATCH OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:/ wow that was a crazy headline.

Aus Guy says:
u can run
Aus Guy says:
but u cant hide says:
*I cry* says:
no I wou;fn’t do to well at the moment I’d faller ober. says:
shit. I know I can spell. says:
faller ober <44



Wow I am so tired. I have been workiog on the site for neally 18 hours straight. It’s true ask Tamanna, Teddy, Yimin and all the other poor people annoyed untill they were um tired?

And I have to Thank Tamanna so much for helping me and Terry again for being so amazing and giving me the opertunity to show my true appreciation for v8 Supercars and together me and Mel will blast this world mwuahahahahaha……opps I gave away to much of my evil ways.


I thunk I will rucuvur frum thut buy buung a kiwu :)
luv unwuys Kusss!!!

vufusttuk cut cum.



Dear So Rich in Flavour,
I have some very important news that you may be very interested to know. Now let me break it down a little bit. Some of you may have known that me and my great mate Mel had been putting together the idea of making a v8 website. Well if you didn’t you do now :) . So I have some wonderful new to tell you all and in turn mel as well a kind of a type of suprise thanks to a wonderful friend Tezza If you just looked at his webby you might have been given the second hint so far.

Well while me and Mel tossing around possible names for our site she came up with the name of v8fastalk and I loved it straight away it seemed brilliant. And so it is with my great pleasure that sometime in the next couple of days the site will be born. This is all possible to Tezza who is a wonderful person and did this all for me for nothing. I am so greatful. <3 3333333333333333333333333333

So my dear Friends please keep a look out for :) . I hope to make it as good as it possible can be with the lovely help of Mel and possible anyone else who interested to take a ride on a new v8 webby. For the sheer excitment and love of v8’s.

Love always kass.
[Sorry for all the spelling mistakes I know their would be heaps I’m still shaking with excitment.]