Thanks Claireadillo!

Claire sent me some adorable gifts for Christmas this last year. So many notebooks and pretty things. I feel mean to the other gifts, but I absolutely adore the mini macarons in a jar necklace. It is just so awesome!






She also included a note with every item that was wrapped. It was so cool to have a little note, telling me about the item or why it was included and from where. Such a personal and awesome touch.


We all need to poke Claire so she brings her blog back. ;) Hehe.

This post is a little bit late, but better late than never, right?

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  • Yaaay I’m so glad you like the things :D especially the macarons in a jar! .< decisions are harrrd)

    • Kya


  • Why didn’t my whole comment post? Aww :c

    • Kya

      Sorry. I ate it. :B

      • Oh well that’s ok then, I hope it was delicious >.<

        • Kya

          Oh, it was. 0_0

  • Wow, so cute! The macarons-in-a-jar necklace is absolutely adorable!!

    • Kya

      They are! I hadn’t seen anything like that before so it was such a cool surprise. :D

  • Such cute things! I have a similar sweets necklace and it is just the best thing ever.

    • Kya

      Aww, that is so cool. :D

  • Awww that neecklace is so so cute! I think I would always be hungry if I wore it. I didn’t realise you could get Hello Kitty pasta shapes either, that’s pretty amazing =p

    • Kya

      I didn’t know that either. :O They are kind of too cute to eat though! xD

  • That necklace screams “KYA”.

    • Kya

      OMG, you can hear it too!?!? :D

  • Those are so so cute ^^

    • Kya


  • All those things are so adorable! Your friends know you so well :)

    • Kya

      They do, I am so lucky it’s ridiculous!

  • Wow! Cutesy little bottles and notebooks! Adorable! :3

    • Kya


  • I can’t even deal with how cute that necklace is.

    • Kya

      I knooooow! |)

  • I forgot to mention that the notes for each item are a nice touch. :)

    • Kya


  • You have the cutest stuff! XD That panda notebook is sooo cute!

    • Kya

      :D Yes!

  • I love seeing the cute stuff you get as gifts. Loving the panda notebook, and is that an owl I see?

    • Kya

      I should have got some better photos of the notebooks together. There was two… or three cute owl notebooks included as well. :D

  • They’re all so beautiful! Of course, you take such lovely photos too!! :D Snailmail is the most awesome thing to share with friends.

    • Kya

      I agree. :D The only downside is that the postage in Australia just keeps going up all the time. :(

  • Aw, everything looks cute!

    • Kya


  • Aww just the cutest package. You are lovable and terribly loved by us all. *squishes*

    • Kya

      Awwww. *snuggle*

  • Aww, love the little macarons! And the panda notebook (it’s a notebook, right?). Claire seems like an awesome person for sending you such cute gifts! :D

    • Kya

      She is! :’)

  • I LOVE gift posts! She got you absolutely adorable things. :3

    I tried a macaroon for the first time a few weeks ago and I am in love with them. Obviously I can’t have them all of the time, but they’re wonderful treats. There’s an authentic French bakery in town that makes food that is to die for, so it was like a little bit of France!

    Yay for late Christmases. c:

    • Kya

      That would be so nice to try one from a french bakery! :D I think they are nice to have as treats every now and then, not all the time.

  • WHAAAAt! There’s such thing as Hello Kitty pasta shapes?!
    That’s so awesome. I wish I had people sending me cute stuff like that.

    • Kya

      They are very cool. :D

  • These are some cute gifts you got!!!! I love anything that’s in a little glass cup and sealed with a cork! But I’ve never seen macarons in it before.

    And all of these stationery stuff you got are so adorable ^____^! Hope you’ll enjoy them :D

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