Typo Fun

There was once a girl who had a problem with stationary. Especially from a delightful store named Typo. There were just so many items that she adored that sometimes she would accidentally splurge and buy some pretty things. Yes, that girl was me. :B

Lots of pretty images ahead!


Passport cover


Owl purse


Macaron card holders ( – there were three, but one was broken :( – )


Owl card holders


Bunny pens



Pen/pencil holder things


Owl sticker Book


Animal sticky note things


All the things! :D

The light wasn’t that wonderful when I was taking these photographs, so they could have been a bit better. I also created a photoshop action that you can use if you like. It was used on all the images above.



  1. Czarina Mae   •  

    Gosh I super love Typo too! One can really go crazy trying to decide what to get if you can’t get all. Hahaha! I bought one super cute Hello Kitty notebook from Typo recently too. I blogged about it one or two posts ago, can’t remember. I’m just a complete sucker for cute stationery! :)

    • Kya   •     Author

      That is really awesome. I saw the Hello Kitty range that they had, it looked awesome. I was trying to be good and resist. >.<

  2. Nicole   •  

    I was thinking other type fun when I firsy read this> LOL WTF>

    • Kya   •     Author

      …… Like the typo in your URL that has nicky.bu ? :D

  3. Alice   •  

    such cuteness, I’m not surprised you’re addicted.

    • Kya   •     Author


  4. Crystal   •  

    I wish I could score turtle things the way you come across owl cute! I definitely need to do more shopping! xD Sorry about your acaron card holder. The other two are so cute!

    • Kya   •     Author

      That would be difficult. It is strange how things go in fads, but hopefully a turtle one will come (because they are adorable). I was annoyed at first about it, but then I thought it was only $3 AUD, and I got two, so it was okay. xD

    • Kya   •     Author

      Attack of the cute! :D

  5. Saki   •  

    More cute things! And the all are adorable! <3

  6. Saki   •  

    *they was what I meat! Guess typo isn’t only the name of this wonderful shop! LOL

    • Kya   •     Author

      Oooops. I didn’t realize I made mistakes in the entry too. Stationery/stationary. >.<

  7. Sunny   •  

    Ahhhh… everything looks SO KYUTE! >_< My favorite are the pencil holders… owls are awesome! :D I've heard of Typo before but I had no idea they were a part of Cotton On! Cotton On is one of my favorite clothing stores ever. :p

    • Kya   •     Author

      That is great, maybe it could also be dangerous for you. xD I got confused when the website suddenly became part of Cotton On, because I didn’t know what they were. I live in a small town, so we don’t have a lot of the big stores. xD

  8. Jessica   •  

    Oh, yay! More cuteness…I am honestly going to have to start saving some money. Because I’m going to go visit this site, and find at least a dozen things I want. :( How come I never find cuteness when I’ve got money? :)

    All of the items are super cute, and I’m sorry to hear about your macaroon card holder. :(

    • Kya   •     Author

      When I get an email they have a sale, it’s really dangerous. ;_;

  9. Siobhan   •  

    I am suck a sucker for cute stationary. Those bunny pens are adorable!

    • Kya   •     Author

      A hopping cute mess. ;D

  10. Liz   •  

    I want all those things.

    • Kya   •     Author


  11. Kelly   •  

    The typo=”stationary.” I think you meant “stationery.”

    • Kya   •     Author

      Doh. Thanks for clearing that up. Irony. xD

  12. Raisa   •  

    Guurrrll you must want me to suck my wallet dry because I want them all!

    Ooh definitely trying your PS action! I love actions. :D I made a few ones but they’re pretty generic.

    • Kya   •     Author

      I hope you enjoy it. They are fun to make and download to add a little pretty to images.

  13. Silver   •  

    I love their mickey/minnie collection too. Anything!owl and cute!stationery reminds me of you Kya dearest. Love your collection! :3 *squishes*

    • Kya   •     Author

      That collection was really awesome. :D Also, the Hello Kitty one too!

  14. Nickikins   •  


    I am trying to fit in :(

    • Kya   •     Author

      Hahahhaah, aww.

  15. Nickikins   •  


    • Kya   •     Author

      Oh, hello there. ;)

  16. Penda   •  

    Awww! I always look to your blog when I’m looking for cute things! :D I love the owl purse especially >_< WANT WANT!

    • Kya   •     Author


    • Kya   •     Author


    • Kya   •     Author

      :( Poor sad cupcake!

  17. Joy   •  

    Ahhh!!! Everythings is so cute! Must. Go. Broke. Now.

    • Kya   •     Author

      I know the feeling. >.<

  18. Rezina   •  

    So cute! I also have a problem, although mine is buying multiple notebooks I don’t need (but can’t help but buy them anyway). But gosh, everything is so adorable and the pictures look great! :3

    • Kya   •     Author

      Notebooks are awesome and they can be so useful for all kinds of things. You really NEED them. ;D

  19. Georgie   •  

    HOLY COWS I LOVE TYPO. I go there all the time and my spending brain takes over and is like NO Georgie do NOT buy any more stationery. But I will spend hours just cruising on their online store or just looking in their physical stores.

    I am not surprised you are into their stuff; they have a lot of owls and cake related bits and pieces ;) ;) <3

    • Kya   •     Author

      :D They really do have that effect, they know how to trap us.

      So so so so so many owl, cupcake, macaron, cute, awesome, unique, quirky things. Win.

    • Kya   •     Author


  20. Connie   •  

    Oh gosh….I used to be obsessed with stationary as well and I have hoards of things like this in boxes in my closet. After going through your blog entry, you might have rekindled my obsession!

    • Kya   •     Author

      Uh oh! Hopefully it won’t be an expensive one, but maybe to look at what you already have? :D

  21. Lisa   •  

    I can see why you couldn’t resist buying these – everything is so adorable! So many lovely pastel colours.

    • Kya   •     Author

      I used to never be that fond of pastel colours, but as I have gotten older they are really beautiful, so it’s nice to be able to combine the colours with fun things. :D

  22. Alice   •  

    Oh no what have you DONE these are all so cute I must resist the urge ):<

    • Kya   •     Author

      Bwahhaahhaahah. Sorry. >.<

  23. Cozza   •  

    aaaaaaaaaaaah you got some really cute stuff! I’m so addicted to typo stuff too~ though I like kikki.k more I just wish they weren’t so expensive :(

    • Kya   •     Author

      They have some really amazing things. That is the hard part when some shops are more expensive. :(

  24. Holly   •  

    I have a stationary addition! The stuff you have bought from Typo looks awesome. The products remind me of those you can buy from Paperchase.

    • Kya   •     Author

      Oh no. I just looked on their website and those items are awesome. :O

  25. Melissa   •  

    Where can I find you and steal all of this? ;) I really love the things you got! They are so adorable! *_*


    • Kya   •     Author

      Haha, uh oh! xD

  26. Christa   •  

    Oh my gosh…this is why I stay away from ebay. I always find things like this on there and it kills me to remind myself “I’m just bored and looking around”. I’m scared to take my niece to Shop Kawaii ( in Pittsburgh when she’s older – I mean I had a hard time not buying everything I seen.

    • Kya   •     Author

      Maybe that is why sites like Pinterest are good. You can look and ‘collect’ the pretty, without having to pay all the money.

  27. Amy   •  

    DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWHHHHHHHHHHHH! I love it all!!! I’m such a sucker for cute stuff I’d probably hoard like you too ahahaha!

    • Kya   •     Author

      Bwahaha. The only way to go. >.<

  28. Nicole   •  


    Is it too late to send you your Christmas gifts? HAHA.

    • Nicole   •  


      • Kya   •     Author

        Hahhaah. Well, only if that goes both ways. Maybe we can both be in time for Christmas 2014? hahaha

  29. Tess   •  

    Reminds me of my high school days! I was so obsessed with cute stationaries. Love them all!

    • Kya   •     Author

      I could never find as many cute things then. Probably because I didn’t really have the internet or know how to ‘shop online’ xD Probably a good thing too….

  30. Kirsten   •  

    Those are so lovely! They are all so cute.

    • Kya   •     Author


  31. AnneMarie   •  

    So many cute things! I love your photographs <3 I've never heard of Typo but looks like an awesome store!

    • Kya   •     Author

      Thank you and the store is awesome. :D I have to keep away. >.<

  32. Cseline   •  

    Who would resist to not buy these things? They’re so adorable! Must visit them.

    • Kya   •     Author

      Maybe you will find something you really like. ^_^

  33. Michelle   •  

    SOOO CUTE Awwwwwwwwwwww <3 I would splurge too!

    • Kya   •     Author

      Resistance is 0. xD

  34. Tiff   •  

    All of these items are so adorable! I’m sure you’ll find usage for every single one of them!

    • Kya   •     Author

      :D Yes!

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