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As I mentioned in my previous post I would like to create a domain to host people, but I do need a name. I was a little hesitant about posting the possible names on here in case people stole them, but I would rather have the input from others and take the risk. So please vote on whichever you like, and if you needed free hosting select what you would see yourself happy with (for example; you.whatever.nu). Please, if you do like any of these names and might consider them wait until I have found something that everyone likes and you are welcome to snap up one. I have set the poll to be closed on the 1st of November. :)

[poll id=”2″]

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  • Hannah says:

    Oh wow. I love those! So absolutely adorable! I would want to be hosted by any of them. I voted for Bubble.nu though because I felt it had a nice ring to it. :) Oh what I wouldn’t give to own a .nu… some day. :P First I have a fan site to get up. haha

  • Kelly says:

    I like Fizzle.nu – that is very cute, but unique. I don’t need hosting, but I think that is a great idea, Kya.

  • Yvette says:

    I voted for bubble.nu as well. I think its really cute. :)

    Yvette last blogged: A Tribute (?) to EX.

  • Becky says:

    I voted for fizzle cause i love that word lol makes me feel all… fizzly inside

    Becky last blogged: 9:08AM through 9:26AM.

  • Brandika says:

    I voted for Bubble.Nu as well. It’s very memorable. :D

  • Sara says:

    I chose bubble.nu! I think it is so cute :)

  • Gel says:

    I voted for fizzle.nu!!! I think bubble’s kinda common which is why I chose FIZZLE over it. I LOVE HOW IT SOUNDS :) I hope that domain wins!!!

    Gel last blogged: an impulsive comeback..

  • Rachel says:

    quirky.nu. It sounds cute.

    Rachel last blogged: Every single thing is precious.

  • Irene says:

    Now you know that Bubble.nu is THE cutest most fun domain name EVER. I even want to be hosted there. *lol*

    And yea, I don’t blame you for being nervous about posting the names. Some folks have absolutely no imagination. *shakes head*

  • KayC says:

    I reallly like swanky.nu!

    KayC last blogged: Untitled.

  • Olga says:

    Personally, I’m a fan of swanky.nu. Sounds..fancy! :)

  • Gabrielle says:

    Both fizzle.nu and bubble.nu are my favorites. I chose fizzle.nu because I love the way fizzle sounds exactly like what it means. bubble.nu is just plain cute. :)

    Gabrielle last blogged: i’ll cry if i want to (it’s my party).

  • Raine says:

    I had initially voted for kooky.nu but now I sort of agree with the majority that bubble.nu is cuter – it’s happy, carefree and more friendly! Whereas kooky.nu might be mistaken for a fan website for The Kooks, haha. Or maybe only in England would that happen. o.O

    All the names are so adorable! :*D

    Raine last blogged: Stephen Stills, 15th October, Birmingham.

  • mel says:

    i think bubble.nu is the cutest.

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