Weird Science

Dear Kats and Cittens,

I thought I better write somethign in here I have left it for a couple of days naughty little them.

Mum brought me a budda when she went to Syd. But I think it might be a nasty one. Because I hurty my finger, have a tooth ache, and the other things, Mum hurt her arm and wrists and get this it was sitting on the stero and yep you guessed it the stero has stopped working! It sounds strange but true so I put it outside. I told budda that they were in the sin bin. But I said i’m sorry if you are a nice one.

Well other then that mum ot out the videos on friday (yesterday) so we watched Analyze this. I thought it was funny mum and I both loved it. What was even funnier was when dad wrang up and started mum and I both on about Kath and kim. Mum and I both imitate them and dad (kel) Imitates Kel. That is funny, really funny. Mum always goes Kimmy look at me kimmy,. We are going to put a message like that on the answering machine. We are crazy….

I have to ring Elise tonight becuase I said I would and it is fun ringing her.

Well I don’t know what else to say…I am lost for words. Oscar can be really annoying most of the time she usually drives me and mum mental.

Ohh now I rememebr, Mum also brought The Osbournes the first season. She loves the Osbournes.

She brought home last week The crockodile hunter (CRIKEY) and Insomnia. We haven’t watced insomnia yet.

Well I better go becuase mum is sitting in the lounge room by herself. So I will se you later turtle dove

Fare well rainbow dear

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