Welcome Back, Bilbo Baggins

After a few days spent working on this site, I now have it open again. I decided that I wanted a new look, but I couldn’t for the life of me think of anything that captured what I wanted, so I went searching for a theme made by someone else, found this one and fell in love. Design Disease really do make amazing designs. I also had a fun time adding lots of plugins and putting my Flickr and Twitter on the site, and brought back the Shelfari widget once again, I missed that one!

I had quite a productive day today. It usually takes me a lifetime to do the simple things, like have a shower, change my clothes. But I showered, cleaned my room and played around on websites for a while all before 12pm. I even cleaned all the dust of my shelves and tidied everything up, maybe I am sick or something. :P

I mentioned before that I added my Flickr to the site and I am having a fun time with it. It may be the fact I really enjoy taking photos with the new camera and some of them turn out okay. So I brought a paid account so I can add as many as I want and keep selected ones organised and never lost. Most of the photos I will upload will be of my animals, nature and probably toys with the odd random one thrown in for good measure.

I cut this off now, as an AFL game is just about to start and the Sydney Swans are playing. I hope we win! :D But of course, we all know we will. Bwahaha. Also, ignore the title I don’t know why, but that popped into my head. XP



  1. Honey   •  

    Wow! The new theme you put up is stunning!
    *starts clicking around*

  2. Michi   •  

    I saw this theme before while browsing one of those WP themes sites. It’s really gorgeous! :D

    YAAAY for being productive! I’ve been productive as well so I’m very happy I finally got my usually lazy self to work on something. And flickr is awesomeness! I still have to buy my own camera though so I can actually start uploading stuff over there.

  3. Krissy   •  

    Ooo, I love the new theme. It’s so spiffy! I like how you have everything set up and organized in the columns, too. Mmmm… organization! Haha. XD

    Flickr is awesome fun! :D I’ve kind of neglected mine. But I will no stalk yours. Brohaha!

    Go you on the productivity front! I’m not end remotely that productive in the morning. Or like… ever. XD

  4. Nicole   •  

    Oh, you don’t know how close I was to using one of their themes. I actually had one of them on my “nic0le.com” domain… so, yes, I completely agree with you that these themes rock. This one looks really good, too. Like Krissy said, I love the way it’s organized. It was a really good choice, Kya. Yayyyyy hjaha. :D

    “I even cleaned all the dust of my shelves and tidied everything up, maybe I am sick or something. :P” Yes, that must be it.. or maybe you are being possessed. :O Haha, but not by Tom because Tom is dirty! Haha, that was corny. :D

    I was thinking about getting a paid Flickr account. But first I need to actually get on there and add more pictures! :P I checked out some of your new ones and they were good.. I will make funny remarks about them later. ;)

    I’m sorry, I could not ignore the title, I saw it and laughed. :( Although, I didn’t laugh at it, I laughed with it.

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