What happend to the blog?

A few weeks ago I was going really well with blogging everyday for a whole week and I enjoyed it. Starting Monday I hope to continue again and have fun making myself update. ;)


A cute cupcake. I plan (or had?) to use this design as a template for something I will use for my online shop (whenever I actually make it, heh. I have things to sell, I just haven’t found time to get my things together, bummer). x:cupcakestraw:


Book loves you! :’)

Now, back to work on various things. This was mainly an excuse to say I will be blogging again soon, and to share some art. Bwahaha.

About the author / Kya

I am Kya a twenty something who loves art, cute things, design, illustration, photography, reading, writing and creative adventures.



  • Om nom nom! The cupcake looks so yummy! And the book is so adorable. :)

  • Those would make nice stickers. Have you got a xyon sticker machine thing? You could make stickers to sell in your etsy shop. That book is especially cute!
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  • Awww! I love the cupcake!
    I agree with Seren, they would look awesome as stickers! ^_^

  • Tin

    Hi Kya! I really love your art! You’re one of the few designers I know online that I look up to. Hope to see more of your illustrations in the future! Keep posting! :)

    I’m excited for your new shop btw! :) Goodluck with the preparations!
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  • Awh! I LOVE the cupcake. Absolutely adorable(: I’m looking forward to the online shop! ^_^
    .-= Last Post: The Tables Have Turned =-.

  • Oh so adorable! Being a literature geek I just adore the little book! Very cute :)

  • They are both so adorable! I love the cupcake on the polka dot background. I looked through your deviantart gallery, you have some really cute stuff. :)
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