1. Yvette   •  

    The Layout looks great. :) I love your style!

    Good luck to the participants! I’m sure you’ll receive load of applications and hopefully, you find who really deserves a domain. ;)

  2. Sheeda   •  

    It looks absolutely gorgeous, Kya! :)

    Ooh, and the free domain sounds fun! *goes off to check it out*

    Sheeda last blogged: I miss my phone..

  3. Lauren   •  

    Ooh, I just may have to enter that contest. ;P But I have no idea what I’d do with another domain. xD

    It seems like everyone I know is getting a cute layout for the season, and yours is no exception — but then again, your site it always cute… :3 I love the presents at the bottom of the page most.

    Lauren last blogged: Did You Hear That Sound? It Was My Mind Shattering..

  4. Rachel   •  

    That’s really nice of you. I’m definetly in!

    Rachel last blogged: A La Mode….

  5. Afef   •  

    Awesome competition! ;) I love your layout btw – super cute! :)

  6. Filipina Web Designer   •  

    That is so generous of you! I gave away a free domain and hosting earlier this year. Maybe I can do it early next year, too. Good luck to the potential winners!

    Filipina Web Designer last blogged: The House Bunny.

  7. Gel   •  

    Good luck with the contest, Kya! As much as i’d like to join, i’m still thinking of what i’ll do with another domain. Haha! I’m kinda preoccupied with the one I have now but it’d be cool though to be hosted by you coz you seem super nice and all :)

    Lovelovelove bubble.nu’s layout! :)

    Gel last blogged: gift-giving galore!.

  8. Dee   •  

    Wow! Free domain! That’s soooo cool :) ) I wanna join it.

    Btw, link ex?

  9. Angelica   •  

    Good luck with the domain and competition! I would have participated if I didn’t already have a domain and I have no idea what I’d do with another one.

    Angelica last blogged: Christmas, maths, life….

  10. Cecilie   •  

    That’s a really nice thing of you to do:)

  11. Merinn   •  

    Five domains? Sounds awesome. I’d join if I didn’t have a domain already.

  12. Jamie   •  

    WOW 5 domains? You’re so generous! I wish I had the money to do that with. But man 5 domains? That’s pretty awesome. Oh btw, I’m lovin the christmas layout. Sorry it’s late.

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