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For Writing Sunday I will be writing a poem inspired by the image below that was found using the search word Artist on istockphoto.com! I need to write more, I annoy myself that I love it so much, yet do so little. The less I do, the worse I become with using language. *kickstarts the pen* :D

I am the artist
the one who observes the world.

I remain hidden
invisible, translucent
misunderstood and obscured.

Is there fate in darkness
under the veil of a wicked spell
tormented, beaten and skinned.

Has my mask fallen
who is waiting inside
the figure does not matter
to these blind eyes?

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  • Trisha says:

    That was a nice poem. It really went along with the picture. :) I always look at photography for inspiration with writing, drawing, etc. Especially creative photography like this!
    .-= Last Post: Epic Surveys =-.

  • connie says:

    i completely understand what you mean about becoming worse with language! i used to write (not necessarily poems – just in general!) for years until i became a science major at university. plus, between blogging less, it just seems my command of english is slowly deteriorating… haha, ok, that sounds depressing. but i’m glad to see you’re continuing!
    .-= Last Post: cows probably taste better =-.

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