I have decided to extend the free domain competition from the 15th of September 2008 till the 1st of October 2008. Because of all the trouble with the website I wasn’t able to put the time into telling more people about it, and I want many people to hear about it and have a chance, because I know it can be a fun and glorious thing to own a new domain. (If you want to apply head to this page for more! :D)

I am getting personal/business cards printed from Moo. Mostly to give to random offline people, as it will have my name, email, mobile (cell) and portfolio website. I love Moo (because it’s Mooo) and because of the bright colours you can choose. Blue is my first choice, but I might have some pink, green and something else. :D The design won’t be over the top, I want something simple, cute and groovay.

Tess now owns Malfoy.nu, but I have yet to sell Jacob-black.net I may just put it on the Namecheap market place. I was also even considering selling crucio.nu, it just seems wrong to me to have my writing domain named after the creation of someone else. I need my own thing, and I might keep my portfolio as my writing hub, that way I am making sure it’s not just random crap (even if it might be anyway) ;) .

I shall return comments hopefully later today. Thanks to everyone that leaves a little note. :D

Harvey Specter
Posted at 5:24 am September 12, 2008

Wow, I love this layout. It’s so funky! And I just checked out that Moo website, it makes me feel like having cards of my own – for no real reason. Haha.

I’m definitely going to apply for that contest. It’s almost a miracle to have a chance to get a free domain AND hosting. (:

Cheers! =]

Harvey Specter
Posted at 4:16 pm September 12, 2008

Moo looks interesting. I checked it out! Too bad we don’t have that here in our country.

Btw it’s my first time in your site and I think it’s so adorable :) Want to do a link exchange of some sort? Let me know!

Harvey Specter
Posted at 4:53 pm September 12, 2008

I only managed to comment now about your new layout even if I already saw it when you posted about it. I really love it, Kya! I always adore your blog layouts because they’re so colourful and pretty. :D

Anyway, those Moo creations are just so pretty! I hope that someday I’ll find the money to have some cards made.

Oh, and good luck with the free domain contest! I sure bet a lot have already joined because who would want to miss such a great opportunity to have their own domain?

Harvey Specter
Posted at 5:04 pm September 12, 2008

Eeek, I love Moo cards! They’re so pretty and fun to pass out =)

Harvey Specter
Posted at 11:06 pm September 12, 2008

I thought about getting moo cards because
it looks so cool to have one ;D

anyway, if you’re selling crucio.nu, let me
know! because I’m a tad interested (:

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Harvey Specter
Posted at 3:08 pm September 14, 2008

Ooh I would totally order some Moo stuff if my parents allowed it. XD But sadly, they don’t really approve buying things online. :(

How long does it take for them to ship to Australia? =]

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